Cowards and Liars, with “Ph.Ds” after their names, try to attack Puerto Rico

  It is sad when professors use their “Ph.D.” as a license to lie about Puerto Rico…in order to further their own careers. It is doubly sad when they damage the careers of other professors, in order to… Read More

Rafael Cancel Miranda: a champion of Puerto Rico

  Rafael Cancel Miranda was only six years old, when his parents attended a special event in Ponce. It was Palm Sunday in 1937. Families and children, many of them the same age as Rafael, arrived from all… Read More

Author of “War Against All Puerto Ricans” directs a feature film…at the 2016 San Juan Film Festival

  Vote For Me! was written & directed by Nelson Denis, the author of War Against All Puerto Ricans. It is the story of a 70-year old Puerto Rican super who runs for U.S. Congress in El Barrio,… Read More

Happy Mother’s Day…to Sarah Rabassa

  When I hear politicians talk about “work ethic” and “making America great,” I always remember my mother. She was born a US citizen in Caguas, Puerto Rico, in 1928. She came to New York City at age… Read More

The Nation publishes “Orwell in Puerto Rico… US Congress promises a new dictatorship”

  In its latest news magazine, The Nation published an extensive article, about the dictatorship the US is now creating in Puerto Rico. The article traces the history of the US-Puerto Rico relationship over the past 118 years…. Read More