“Guerra Contra Todos Los Puertorriqueños” web site receives over 240,000 views

  The Spanish-language version of the book War Against All Puerto Ricans was published less than two weeks ago on Nov. 24, 2015. This Spanish book is already a #1 Amazon Best Seller. But in addition, the web… Read More

“War” breaks out on ABC TV: author Nelson Denis appears on Tiempo

  On Sunday, October 11 at 11 am, author Nelson Denis will appear on ABC TV, on the morning talk show Tiempo.  Tiempo is the longest-running Latino-centered current affairs program that airs on Sunday mornings, on ABC TV…. Read More

“War” breaks out in Long Island: author Nelson Denis appears in Garden City, NY

  On Sunday, October 11 at 11 am, author Nelson Denis will appear at the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island to present his book War Against All Puerto Ricans, and to discuss the deepening fiscal crisis in… Read More

El Festival del Libro (Saturday, Oct. 10)

  El Festival del Libro is tomorrow! In El Barrio, NYC! “El Festival del Libro” promotes literacy in El Barrio, and provides multi-media experiences, games, art exhibits, and cultural activities for every member of the family. From 11… Read More

Guerra Contra Todos los Puertorriqueños is a #1 Amazon Best Seller

The Spanish-language translation of War Against All Puerto Ricans has become an early publishing “hot book.” The book releases on November 24, 2015. But six weeks before its publication date, on pre-sales alone, it has already become a… Read More