Puerto Rico will be SOLD on May 1, 2017

. Gov. Ricky Roselló is distracting Puerto Rico with a June 11 “statehood referendum” that is going nowhere, since it has been repudiated by the U.S. government. But WHY is Roselló doing this? The answer finally exploded –… Read More

Puerto Rico retirement system (including teachers) may crash by April 2017

    A bombshell report from the government of Puerto Rico has revealed that, by April 2017, the island will be worse than bankrupt – it will have a deficit of $68 billion, a “debt” of $72 billion,… Read More

Puerto Rico’s Secretary of Economic Development admits that he developed NOTHING

    Alberto Bacó was Puerto Rico’s Secretary of Economic Development (SED) for four years. During this time he gave enormous 20-year tax breaks to US billionaires and corporations, to “develop the economy” of Puerto Rico. But now… Read More

The government of Puerto Rico prepares to sell…Puerto Rico

    Last week, Gov. Garcia Padilla ordered the sale of more than 350 school buildings throughout Puerto Rico. He did this though an “executive order” that was not disclosed for six days…then quietly announced on Black Friday,… Read More

La Borinqueña

   Puerto Rico has a new superhero. Her name is La Borinqueña. The brainchild of Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, and personified by attorney/activist Stephanie Martin Llanes, La Borinqueña is a new comic book series that will launch in December 2016…. Read More