Clinton lost the presidency because she ignored Puerto Ricans

  Hillary lost the presidency because she ignored Puerto Ricans. They would have won Florida and its 29 electoral votes for her…if she hadn’t neglected and patronized them throughout the entire 2016 election. They could also have won… Read More

One of the richest families in Puerto Rico just received 34,500 acres of public land…WHY?

  The Serallés family is one of the richest in Puerto Rico. They own Don Q Rum, a rum distillery, thousands of acres, private beaches, and a Hilton Hotel. At one point they owned slaves. Their family mansion… Read More

Puerto Ricans are being used as medical guinea pigs… again

  Throughout the 20th century Puerto Ricans – particularly Puerto Rican women – were used as lab rats in “clinical trials,” with experimental drugs that harmed their health. The contraceptive pill was “tested” and “refined” in Puerto Rico…. Read More

Puerto Ricans were mass murdered in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando…our nation must know

  Our nation is mourning the death of 50 innocent people at the Pulse night club in Orlando, FL. It is a great national tragedy, and the media focus on LGBT victims. But our nation must also be… Read More

Luis Fortuño…the chairman of Puerto Rico’s Financial Control Board?

  Within a few weeks, the U.S. Congress will create a Financial Control Board (FCB) to rule over Puerto Rico. If this isn’t bad enough, there is growing discussion that the Chairman of the FCB may be…Luis Fortuño…. Read More