University of Puerto Rico straightens out the lies of Luis Ferrao

I almost feel sorry for Luis Ferrao. He had a Ph.D. after his name. A French degree that no one could pronounce, let alone understand. But in the words Honoré de Balzac: behind every great fortune, there is a… Read More

Nuyorican Poets Cafe honors Don Pedro Albizu Campos

Today, Sept. 12, is the birthday of Pedro Albizu Campos. It is time to honor El Maestro. Tonight the Puerto Rican community will gather at the Nuyorican Poets Café, to remember and give honor to Don Pedro. From… Read More

Historic Photo of the day: My Mother, Sarah Rabassa

  When I hear politicians talk about “undocumented immigrants” and “make America great again,” I often think of my mother.  She was not an immigrant. She was born a US citizen in Caguas, Puerto Rico, in 1928.  She… Read More

New York Times recognizes “the overlooked history of Puerto Rico” and the Revolution of 1950

  Yesterday, in its Sunday edition, the New York Times recognized the Revolution of 1950 in Puerto Rico. The Times called it exactly that…a revolution. The Times also acknowledged that this revolution is not mere “history,” but that… Read More

Puerto Ricans Actually Read Books…Major Discovery by the U.S. Publishing Industry

  This has been a year of surprises for the US, with respect to Puerto Ricans.  Back in February, a Puerto Rican won the Powerball in Ponce…and many Americans discovered that Puerto Ricans were US citizens, that the… Read More