Cowards and Liars, with “Ph.Ds” after their names, try to attack Puerto Rico

  It is sad when professors use their “Ph.D.” as a license to lie about Puerto Rico…in order to further their own careers. It is doubly sad when they damage the careers of other professors, in order to… Read More

What real leadership looks like: Héctor J. Figueroa

  Héctor J. Figueroa was elected President of 32BJ Service Employees International Union, the largest property services union in the country, in 2012.  The union represents 155,000 property service workers in eleven states and Washington, D.C. 32BJ was critical… Read More

A Marshall Plan for Puerto Rico…Angelo Falcón Gets it Right

  Some people talk forever and do nothing. Others quietly move the world.  At 1:34 this morning, Angelo Falcón e-mailed me a letter which he’d sent to the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA). Here it is: To: National… Read More