Happy Mother’s Day…to Sarah Rabassa

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When I hear politicians talk about “work ethic” and “making America great,” I always remember my mother.

She was born a US citizen in Caguas, Puerto Rico, in 1928. She came to New York City at age 16, and went to work immediately in “las correas,” where she was paid 12 cents an hour.

She worked in the garment district for 23 years…then worked another 29 years, in a hospital and a flower store. She saved every penny she could, so that I could go to college.

Nelson & Mom

She is gone now…and from a greater distance I finally see, that she dedicated almost her entire life to me.

It is a debt that I will never be able to repay.

One day, in her last few years, she sat at an old Singer sewing machine and showed me what she did for 23 years.

I will never measure up to my mother. Not many people can. But it is her, and people like her, that make America great.

If I ever meet her again, I will make sure and tell her.


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11 Comments on “Happy Mother’s Day…to Sarah Rabassa

  1. My father and mother were born in Jayuya Puerto Rico. I was born in Ponce Puerto Rico and grew up in New York City. When I was growing up I always remembered my dad talk about his tour of duty in the US Army. My father was a WW2 soldier in Europe.
    He always spoke so proud about his enlistment. For me this is what makes my father a great Ame-Rican. One whom sacrificed his life for this great nation.


  2. While reading your beautiful eulogy to your mother I found many similarities with my mother, She was also born in Caguas, Puerto Rico and helped raise a family of 11 brothers and sisters. Having the audacity to leave the island with two small girls 2 and 5 years old, she boarded a propeller plane that had to stop on the Turks and Caicos Islands to continue to Florida and she later took a train to New York. She worked in the garment center as a seamstress, and I also had the opportunity to go to college, later working as a school teacher there. We returned to the island and I shall be eternally grateful to God that He gave her to us.

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  3. Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom, I’m sure she is very proud of you, her hard work paid off !! God Bless !!


  4. The most profound emotion is recognizing how they guide us when we lose our way, how they pick us up when we stumble and how they make us believe that we are special. Happy Mothers Day to our Guardian Angels.

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  5. I feel the same way about my mother who against all odds rose to great heights in her career and even greater heights of what an amazing mother, wife, sister, aunt, etc should n could be. To all the amazing mother’s in heaven. Thanks

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  6. “The Angels, whispering to one another,
    Can find among their burning terms of love,
    None so devotional as that of “Mother.”

    – Edgar Allan Poe-

    Happy Mothers Day,
    They have not left, Mr Denis
    They are still with us, love is eternal,
    Only a veil divides us.

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  7. Your mother was a great women. A pioneer, many followed her steps on that journey to the unknown. Like all immigrants, emigrants and refugees, in search of a better life for their children. Leaving an empoverished but beloved homeland, a colony of the USA.

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  8. My mother was just like yours. She helped my grandmother raise 11 brothers and sisters and when things got real difficult in PR she took a plane via the Turks Island landed in Miami and took a train to New York where she worked in the garment business sewing for many years and I was able to go to college working later as teacher. Later we all moved back to the island and have a wonderful remembrance of my parents who taught us that hard work dignifies you. Thank you for sharing your experience. WE HAD GREAT MOTHERS!!!!!

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