Harvard Political Review


The author of this web site has been studying the history of Puerto Rico for 40 years.

The following article was the cover story of the Harvard Political Review in 1977.  It is especially meaningful today, since Puerto Ricans will soon vote to determine their political status in relation to the United States.

The size of each page (and the text therein) will increase as you click over it. Alternatively, you can increase your zoom to 300%, and read it comfortably in that manner.

Harvard Political Review
Harvard Political Review 2
Harvard Political Review 3
Harvard Political Review 4
Harvard Political Review 5

This entire article, and a historical analysis of all its contents, appears in the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it now

4 Comments on “Harvard Political Review

  1. Dear God where does it end? We’re also called to love our enemies, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In due season this will all end. My advice is be ready to face your maker. In the end that’s all that will really matter while there is time.

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  2. Maria, you’ve said it all. How right you are! I still say God bless America because I love this country, but like Texans love their state so I love my Island of Enchantment, the Pearl of the Caribbean, and I would like to see her win her independence or statehood, not some day, but now. I am an American citizen who loves his place of birth, Borinquen. God bless Puerto Rico!

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  3. The simple truth is that America is not within the U.S. borders. Following that logic, then Kansas is Central America. So we Latin Americans are not Americans? And if that is so, then what are we? Asians, Europeans, Antarticans,Africansand Australians?


  4. America is attacking my people in our judicial system and siding with those who have destroyed America and P.R (Wall Street) and that is evil. What America has done to my people in the past is evil. Ahhh, but America is reaping what it sowed; and so, because they love stealing land and massacring the innocent, now they have to deal with radical Islam.
    The English man again, meddles in other people’s affairs in their own country and that is why America is now dealing with radical Islam. Britain warned America, Pastor Franklin warned America…America has everyone in its soil but radical Islam is posing a serious threat.
    America pays for its injustices every time our males impregnate their women, every time their males marry outside of White America. It’s hilarious to me to watch America reap what it sows. It’s hilarious to watch their children try to fit in and sing rap songs that Minorities come up with. It’s hilarious that now it is them trying to fit in.
    God is good all the time; it’s people that are evil and do abominable things. I trust that my God (Jesus Christ) is going to allow America to continue to reap what it sowed. Good luck with Radical Islam coming to a backyard near you, good luck with angry Mexicans’ bypassing the border and visiting your home (literally, they rob them, they kill them, ask the governor of Arizona) and frankly, your children are only paying for the enemies you have made.
    Thank you meddling America, thank you bigots in the white house, thank you for exposing us to your madness; but most of all, thank you for killing the innocent in other countries to target their resources and thank you for the hatred that you have now bestowed on every American citizen! You have caused WE THE PEOPLE to live with the reality that Radical Muslims are training in our own back yards to prepare their children to attack more innocent people. I can see if radical Islam just targets the leaders who fail us continuously but no “shitty” American elected officials put us all under the same umbrella. That umbrella is equivocal to “lack of transparency, backroom deals, and no accountability.” Thank you for failing us once again.


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