ALL STARS of War Against All Puerto Ricans

     It is time to recognize the War Against All Puerto Ricans All Stars: the people who make this blog really special. In 2017, rather than panic over Trump, we need to recognize our own people and our… Read More

“War Against All Puerto Ricans” receives 4 Million views

    The war is going strong. Last week, “War Against All Puerto Ricans” passed the 4 million mark on its web site. It is now averaging over 200,000 views per month. Beyond the numbers, the web site… Read More

Cowards and Liars, with “Ph.Ds” after their names, try to attack Puerto Rico

  It is sad when professors use their “Ph.D.” as a license to lie about Puerto Rico…in order to further their own careers. It is doubly sad when they damage the careers of other professors, in order to… Read More

Tito Kayak: Criminal or champion of Puerto Rico?

  Tito Kayak has been arrested over a dozen times. He has defaced public property, fought with policemen, and draped the Puerto Rican flag over the Statue of Liberty. He even threatened to kill a Puerto Rican Senator… Read More

War Against All Puerto Ricans breaks out in Chicago!

  Tomorrow, October 12, a presentation of War Against All Puerto Ricans will occur in DePaul University in Chicago. The event, which is free and open to the public, is scheduled for 6 pm. The book’s author, Nelson… Read More