Puerto Rico does not exist in the presidential debates

  Nearly 200,000 Puerto Ricans have served in every US war since WWI. At least 736 died and 6,000 were wounded, defending US interests around the world. Year after year, the island of Puerto Rico pumps more than… Read More

Donald Trump makes America great…by shipping his own jobs to China

  Donald Trump promises to make America great again. According to Donald, “the problem with America is that we don’t make anything anymore.” He warns that: “the Chinese are laughing at us” behind our backs. They want our… Read More

Puerto Rico politicians at the Trump GOP convention

  On July 18, the following politicians and businesspersons were photographed as the “Puerto Rico delegation” at the Trump GOP convention. This does not necessarily mean that they’re supporting or voting for Donald Trump. It only means that… Read More

Donald Trump promises NO TAXES for poor people…absolutely NOTHING

  In an official videotaped speech, Donald Trump has announced that as president of the US, he will cut taxes steeply and “people that are poor are going to pay nothing…absolutely nothing.” The commitment was part of Trump’s… Read More

Trump has become the wild card in Puerto Rico’s debt crisis

  With two short TV interviews – one with CNN, the other with Fox News – Donald Trump has managed to inject himself into the middle of Puerto Rico’s financial crisis. By stating two completely opposite views on… Read More