Trump has become the wild card in Puerto Rico’s debt crisis

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With two short TV interviews – one with CNN, the other with Fox News – Donald Trump has managed to inject himself into the middle of Puerto Rico’s financial crisis.

By stating two completely opposite views on the debt crisis, he sent mixed signals to House Speaker Paul Ryan, and added to the legislative chaos in Washington. D.C. Here are the two television interviews:

In the first one on CNN, he told Wolf Blitzer that he would offer no assistance to Puerto Rico, that he would not “bail them out,” and that Puerto Rico must dig its way out of debt:

One day later, Trump told Fox News that “the bondholders should take a hit.” You can see that video here:

Trump’s bipolar media strategy added a new layer of confusion to Speaker Ryan’s effort to hammer out a “Financial Control Board” bill. Ryan is working feverishly to finalize this bill. He is trying to install a collection agency as soon as possible in Puerto Rico, before it defaults on a $2 billion bond debt this coming July.

At this point, no one knows Trump’s position on the Puerto Rico fiscal crisis. It is possible that not even Donald Trump knows his own position.

For the moment, Trump’s confusion may be helpful to Puerto Rico, because it may help to delay the imposition of a Financial Control Board.

But at some point, Donald Trump needs to state a clear an unequivocal position on the island’s fiscal crisis, and how he would address it as president of the U.S.


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3 Comments on “Trump has become the wild card in Puerto Rico’s debt crisis

  1. I took this to mean the following: Let Puerto Rico handle this situation on its own. Meaning let the island restructure by it’s own accord. In addition let the bond holders loose money on their bonds. Theirs no other choice. Let Puerto Rico do what it must do!
    And I am not a Trump supporter yet I understand his comments


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