Donald Trump makes America great…by shipping his own jobs to China

  Donald Trump promises to make America great again. According to Donald, “the problem with America is that we don’t make anything anymore.” He warns that: “the Chinese are laughing at us” behind our backs. They want our… Read More

Donald Trump meets with Juan Bobo, the President of Mexico

  Yesterday, Donald Trump traveled to Mexico to negotiate foreign affairs for the U.S. In particular, Trump wanted to make clear that Mexico will pay for his famous “Wall.” Trump is a master psychologist. The moment he arrived,… Read More

From Donald Trump to Jimmy Carter

  Jimmy Carter is a profoundly decent man. He lost the presidency when he refused to spew hatred, and drag America into needless wars. But after that, over four decades, he re-invented the modern post-presidency. His Atlanta-based Carter… Read More

Donald Trump makes America great…by shipping his own jobs to China and Mexico

  The theme of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is to “make America great again.” It is unclear how he will do this, or what his criteria are for “greatness,” but it has something to do with kicking out… Read More