Puerto Rico does not exist in the presidential debates

  Nearly 200,000 Puerto Ricans have served in every US war since WWI. At least 736 died and 6,000 were wounded, defending US interests around the world. Year after year, the island of Puerto Rico pumps more than… Read More

Clinton leaves Oscar López Rivera in the Twilight Zone

  Bill Clinton is campaigning for his wife in Puerto Rico. So far, he has not explained why he cut IRS 936 in 1996, while he was President of the US. This decision cost over 100,000 jobs in… Read More

Hillary Clinton Discovers, and Lies, to Puerto Rico

  Hillary Clinton just issued her first and only “policy statement” regarding Puerto Rico. In 376 words, she said practically nothing but conveyed one great point: that Clinton cares very little about Puerto Rico. The entirety of her… Read More

Trumpnado in Puerto Rico

  If Donald Trump wins the presidency, no one knows what will happen to Puerto Rico. The following image is as good a guess as any. It shows 15 Donald Trumps flying around and eating everything in sight….with a  marked… Read More