Trump has become the wild card in Puerto Rico’s debt crisis

  With two short TV interviews – one with CNN, the other with Fox News – Donald Trump has managed to inject himself into the middle of Puerto Rico’s financial crisis. By stating two completely opposite views on… Read More

Three Billion Dollar financial fraud at PREPA…is proven by their own website

  In an astonishing admission of financial fraud, the website of the Puerto Rico Electrical and Power Authority (PREPA) shows how THREE BILLION DOLLARS were stolen “for the benefit of the financial community.” This theft in broad daylight… Read More

FBI must investigate the Scarface of Puerto Rico: ex-Governor Luís Fortuño

  A petition is circulating, which demands an FBI investigation of ex-governor Luis Fortuño and his crimes against Puerto Rico. We agree 100%. Luís Fortuño converted Puerto Rico into his personal criminal empire…a bottomless billion-dollar buffet table. FORTUÑO’S… Read More

Donald Trump says: “I will buy Puerto Rico, and turn it into Puerto Trump.”

  The Trump campaign is rapidly becoming a reality show, circus act, runaway train and rumor mill, all rolled into one.   In the past month alone, Trump announced his plan to hunt down and deport 11 million… Read More