Donald Trump makes America great…by shipping his own jobs to China

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Donald Trump promises to make America great again.

According to Donald, “the problem with America is that we don’t make anything anymore.” He warns that: “the Chinese are laughing at us” behind our backs. They want our people to starve…they’ve taken our jobs away.”

If this is true, then Trump should be tried for treason…because right now, at this very minute, Donald is sending his own jobs to China.

According to ABC News, here are just some of the Trump products that are currently made in China:

Shirts…Belts…Sweaters…Ties…Tie Clips…Cufflinks…Golf Hats…Teddy Bears.

This list didn’t require any great detective work from ABC News…because Macy’s has been selling the entire Trump Signature Collection – straight outta China – since 2004.


At 725 Fifth Avenue, in the atrium of the Trump Tower, the Trump Store sells a wide variety of China-made Trump clothes.

This includes Chinese Trump shirts…

Trump Shirt – made in China

Chinese Trump ties…

Trump Tie – made in China

…and dozens of Chinese Trump clothing accessories.


In addition to China bashing, Trump wants to deport 11 million Latinos and build a 1,900-mile wall on the Mexican border – so that “real” Americans can get their jobs back.

If that is the case, then why is the Trump Signature Collection manufactured not just in China…but also in Mexico?

Just look at the labels…

Trump Labels

Candidate Trump complains that “Mexico is stealing our jobs,” while billionaire Trump outsources those same jobs…


For years, the press has widely reported it:


Will the real Donald Trump please stand up?


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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3 Comments on “Donald Trump makes America great…by shipping his own jobs to China

  1. Let’s not forget…Bush, and then Obama kicked the doors wide open for people like Trump and Clinton to “bubble up to the top.” Haven’t they been shipping mainland jobs overseas? I don’t really blame Obama,Hilary, Trump, or anyone with full blown Sociopathic/Psychopathic/or Narcissistic personality disorders to throw their hat in a dysfunctional ring ( The executive and legislative branches of the U.S. govt. ). Why wouldn’t they? It’s like “a fly ( the current pres. candidates ) on shit ( the corrupted U.S. system of governance ).” The conditions have been primed now for about 40 yrs or so. The insiders that help these types get to the top, are well aware of their ( the Trumps/Hilary’s/Bush’s of the world ) psychological dysfunction. It is THE reason why these disordered people are allowed..actually encouraged to get to the top these days. It’s because the insiders/promoters have got their number. They have their number down so well, that they can predict/manipulate their behavior exquisitely. These insiders are mostly opportunists themselves. So long as a disordered person does their dirty work for them…”Hey it’s ok! I didn’t do it. He/She did it!” “HaHa!” That’s how it’s rationalized. That simple. But, it’s the disordered and their opportunist’s that collect. At the expense of democracy and socioeconomic well being for the vast majority of us. They don’t care about those “trivialities.” The islander PR’s obviously suffer that much more. You can listen to all they ( the Obama’s/Trumps/Hilary’s ) have to say. But, what do YOU really see happening to you..around you?

    It is the current system of governance on the mainland that want’s you to focus on Trumps’ craziness, or Hilary’s underhandedness or Obama’s “do nothingness” ( other than to maintain and enhance what Bush began ). The system does not want the average citizen to focus on the system. That would mean pulling the curtain away from the Wizard of Oz. That’s because the system is broken beyond repair for the 99+%. The other fraction of the 1%, which includes those that actually pull the handle down…the decision makers are bringing what would have been YOUR dough, in obscene amounts and attempting to take away your civil liberties in equal amounts, at the same time.

    The bottom line is this: If one is a good citizen and plays by the rules that ( U.S,/Fedral Govt. ) society has imposed on them…that person will largely lose. And lose big, often times. And when one loses ( unfairly/unlawfully ) one gets from the govt. cheats and their opportunistic buddies, is lip service, and no recompense. They just flat out lie. Leaving you holding the bags. They’re counting on the high probability that no one of significance is going to call them on it. And lo and behold…it’s what’s been happening. So, that conditioned response just gets reinforced. However, if the common citizen breaks the rules ( and boy, are there a lot of rules out there to trip up the little guy in comparison to the federal elite and their buddies whom have got easy outs when they engage in unlawful behavior ) there is often hell to pay for. Even if the broken rule/law pales in comparison to often chronic law breaking by those that are making/enforcing those rules laws.

    There are lot’s of guys/women just like Trump out there. Why didn’t people similar to him surface until just now? It’s because our system of governance has gotten quite F****D. In fact, it’s reached FUBAR status. To the concerned and relatively well balanced U.S. citizen, it’s a colossal embarrassment. Imagine what the rest of the world is thinking/saying? The sad part is, is that the elite in our federal govt. and their opportunists/apologists, just don’t give a damn. So, long as they’re getting richer and more matter what the means…F**K YOU ALL!! I GOT MINES.

    You can look at it as an apple tree: This “bad” tree needs to be uprooted, and all the rotten apples surrounding it, sent to the compost bin. This apple tree isn’t hard to find.


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