Puerto Rico does not exist in the presidential debates

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Nearly 200,000 Puerto Ricans have served in every US war since WWI.

At least 736 died and 6,000 were wounded, defending US interests around the world.

Year after year, the island of Puerto Rico pumps more than $35 billion into the US economy.

There are more Walmarts and Walgreens per square mile in Puerto Rico, than anywhere else on the planet. It is a captive market: the fourth-largest market in the world for US goods.

Puerto Rico is the gift that keeps on giving…but now in 2016, the island is in a deep economic crisis.

A Financial Control Board was formed to extract every ounce of profit, and deliver it to US hedge funds and bondholders.

With all of this, you would think that Puerto Rico would be mentioned once during the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

But no.

The words “Puerto Rico” and “Puerto Rican” were not mentioned even once during the 90-minute debate. Not by the candidates, or the moderator.

Next year…2017…marks the 100th anniversary of Puerto Ricans as “citizens” of the United States.

But Don Pedro was right.

In their eyes, we don’t even exist.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos.com


12 Comments on “Puerto Rico does not exist in the presidential debates

  1. This book is a winner. Una joya of information. History forgotten to a new generation of puerto ricas. Your blood will boil when you read it as mine did. But its the true story de nuestra raza. Es una responsabilidad de todo puertoriqueño leer y hacer que nuestros hijos lean para las futuras generaciones de nuestra nación.


    Gracias, lo aprecio mucho!

    –Nelson Denis

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  2. Vote and speak up..While we are a great country, we the USA have so many negatives.
    However since it only effect a small group of
    folks,what the hell.

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  3. Want to make Puerto Rico’s iconic and ironic “non-existence” on the US Mainland even clearer?
    Buckle your seat-belt for this reality check.

    On the Cornell University campus, where I spent many years, there is NO acknowledgement of 2 very irrefutably and undeniably accomplished Puerto Ricans in its history dating back to the 1800s.

    1. Estevan Antonio Fuertes…(he FOUNDED the college of engineering)

    His son…
    2. Louis Agassiz Fuertes…(world-renown ornithological artist equal to John J. Audubon)

    EVEN today, the Cornell Astronomical Observatory, which is NAMED after Estevan Antonio Fuertes is deliberately mis-pronounced on campus as the “Forteez Observatory”…anything to deny his existence or accomplishment on campus today. http://coursewiki.astro.cornell.edu/Fuertes/WebHome

    On another corner of campus today, is the Ornithological Lab that features Louis Agassiz Fuertes highly valued water color renditions of rare birds from all over the world…http://www.birds.cornell.edu/page.aspx?pid=1578

    Why is their collective significance to the campus obliterated?

    ANSWER: The English-speaking cultural matrix that has been alive and well on the US Mainland for centuries continues to be in absolute deliberate denial of the contributions of Hispanic-cultured people in any context.

    But most significantly, any mention of “Puerto Rico” or “Puerto Ricans” today DOES NOT conjure up images of scholarly, accomplished WHITES from Puerto Rico. Those identifiers have been completely hi-jacked into the “Brown and Down” dishonest “narrative” promoted on college campuses today by academic sewers like “Latino Studies”, “Diaspora Studies” or worst of all “Nuyorican Studies”…as if there have never been any European-descended people in Puerto Rico.

    To make this UNBELIEVABLE dynamic even more relevant…In MY own experience, I can recall a very brief conversation with a stereo-typical Nuyorican idiot on the Cornell Campus, who when I recommended that his group hold a “RE-DEDICATION” of BOTH Fuertes campus facilities, responded…

    “No we won’t be honoring them…they’ re were just a couple of sell-out honkeys”

    Talk about being culturally-raped, identity-hi-jacked and completely robbed of their own history. This fool was and IS not today alone in those colossal and ignorant sentiments.

    He is the product of an afro-centric revisionist ghetto agenda that has robbed MANY, MANY, MANY Puerto Ricans of our history, our culture and our relevance in the Western Hemisphere.

    To them Puerto Rican history began in the housing projects in the Bronx and J-Low’s culo is the governor.

    “Puerto Rico” and “Puerto Rican” not mentioned at the presidential debates???

    C’mon…we stand a better chance of being mentioned by dancing Chihuahuas in Taco Bell commercials in Polynesia!

    As my Mallorca-descended grand-father in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico used to say often:

    “Mi’jo…cuando el hombre pierde la verguenza, no hay NADIE que se la devuelva”

    And then he would add:

    “Mi’jo…y aun monos bailando en trajes de seda se quedan esos babosos sucios”.

    Oh grandpa, I am so glad you are no longer here to see how low we and our corrupted “leaders”, faux-academics and “community spokes-putos” have fallen on the US Mainland. If they fell any lower, we would need a bull-dozer to find them!

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  4. That is so true i didnt hear anything about us last night its crazy but than they want are vote PUERTO RICAN need to raise up once again

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  5. This was possibly one of the briefest posts I have ever read here, but it resonated on a visceral level, despite its brevity.

    I was not surprised that the persona, political status or past and present interactions between the Island and its mainland overlords were not a topic at the 1st Presidential Debate.

    A relationship fomented in an indefensible, illegal and undeniably intrusive one-sided militaristic aggression over a century ago was doomed from the start. And as such, the USMainland psyche which permitted and promoted this imperialistic atrocity has never and never will accommodate even the most minimal sense of responsibility, guilt or necessity to right a wrong of 100 years.

    Having lived most of my adult life and much of that working in the American academy, I have engaged the hypocrisy, hubris and hollow understanding relative to the existential conundrum of the Islanders even after all these decades…and it is undeniable and undying.

    If that wasn’t damaging enough, the very mention of the term “Puerto Rican” on the USMainland today DOES NOT conjure images of the Island, its people, its history or its culture.

    It DOES however conjure up stereo-types, clichés, caricatures of people feverishly dancing on roof-tops in mainland ghettoes as the “S” people…spitting, stabbing, sexing, stealing and swinging from fire-escapes…AND…singing about “EVERYTHING FREE IN AMERICA”….(thank you Rita for that beginning of THAT iconic and unrelenting cosmic reference of us).

    So again, no surprise that “Puerto Rico” nor “Puerto Rican” was NOT mentioned by either candidate. Unless ISIS establishes its headquarters in on Tremont Avenue in the Bronx, or oil is discovered in “El Barrio” or Hillary’s 33,000 lost e-mails are discovered in Flatbush, Brooklyn in a bag of Cuchi-Fritos, we will NOT be hearing anything about “Puerto Ricans” in any of these debates.

    For 8 years, Obama has not responded to any of the Insular leaders’ attempts to meet with him to discuss ANY insular concerns…the fiscal disaster, political status or the Islanders 3rd class citizenship or re-negotiation of lop-sided tariff structures that penalize Islanders every time they go to Macy’s to buy a pair of socks…so again, we should not be surprised at the screaming silence of the Island’s existence.

    And not surprisingly, what is taught on the USMainland about the Island and its people is little more than nonsense about generic one-size-fits-nadie “La Tino” clap-trap about how we spend our day swinging at piñatas, dancing under limbo-sticks and dining on our national dish…Taco Bell.

    And if you think that level of inanity is an exaggeration, let me share with you the time that a PhD student at an Ivy League school asked me how long ago we stopped wearing grass-skirts on the Island.

    And can I ever forget the MANY times I have been asked how we got my green cards so easily.

    Or when I was asked how far Puerto Rico was from Polynesia,.
    My response…it’s a couple of miles east of Pago-Pago.

    Or the time a cousin (a medical student at an Ivy League school) was stopped on the NYS Thruway and was threatened with arrest because “NYS did not accept the licenses from foreign countries”, when she provide him her Puerto Rico, USA license.

    So no mention of “Puerto Rico” and “Puerto Ricans” is hardly a surprise nor a disappointment.

    We have not been so much as a blip on the political radar in the US ever and certainly not since the last time Hillary was on the Island to campaign for her husband in an election that Islanders have not been able to participate in for a CENTURY and she embarrassed herself by telling reporters at a press conference that she hoped we wouldn’t be too critical of her not being able to do our national dance too well…”La Cucaracha”

    Quite frankly, I am grateful we were NOT mentioned.

    Do we really need to hear any more patronizing, ignorant, provincial and insulting references?

    No thanks.

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  6. is a great shame, USA uses latinos, blacks etc, and NEVER mention any of them even they do great thins or even die as HEROS, Puerto Ricans are citizens” of the United States., SHAME ON THE USA!

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  7. Not unexpected. Come on, you REALLY expected the Empire to acknowledge the colonies? They learned it from their parent: Great Britain.

    Took a Gandhi to separate both India and Pakistan from that Empire. We’ve had an Albizu, a great and honorable man; yet he was quickly suppressed along with the entire Island (thanks to the collaborators).

    Tell you the truth, I have great hope that the book of this website will wake my fellow Islanders. Next is informing them of their true power, which is not necessarily one of violence against the Imperial Guard. JUST SAYING NO TO THE EMPIRE AND ITS CRONIES AND MINIONS, and making it emphatic, should cut their power.

    Anyone want a simple list of books to wake up with? Please ask.


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