Donald Trump declares bankruptcy in Puerto Rico

  More than once, Donald Trump has refused to support bankruptcy protection for Puerto Rico. Instead, he told CNN that Puerto Ricans “have too much debt” and “I would not bail them out.” Trump called himself “The King… Read More

Donald Trump says Puerto Rico could be renovated and re-branded as Puerto Trump?

  In an Iowa press conference, Trump commanded Jorge Ramos, the Emmy Award-winning journalist, to “sit down.” Then he told Ramos to “go back to Univision” and threw him out of the press conference. Now other reports have… Read More

Trumpnado in Puerto Rico

  If Donald Trump wins the presidency, no one knows what will happen to Puerto Rico. The following image is as good a guess as any. It shows 15 Donald Trumps flying around and eating everything in sight….with a  marked… Read More

Donald Trump tells Jorge Ramos “Go back to Univision,” then kicks him out of his press conference

Jorge Ramos has won eight Emmy Awards for his journalism. For the past 19 years, since 1986, Ramos anchors the Univisión TV news program Noticiero Univision. He also hosts the Univisión political news show Al Punto. On the… Read More