Donald Trump promises NO TAXES for poor people…absolutely NOTHING

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In an official videotaped speech, Donald Trump has announced that as president of the US, he will cut taxes steeply and “people that are poor are going to pay nothing…absolutely nothing.”

The commitment was part of Trump’s prepared statement to the National Hispanic Leadership Conference on May 20, 2016. He also stated that “we’re gonna take care of minority unemployment…once and for all.”

The Donald Trump commitment to “no taxes for poor people” initially sounds like a bombshell. The billionaire Republican is more Socialist than Bernie Sanders! No taxes for the poor!

However, upon close inspection, it turns out that Trump is promising…nothing at all. Here is why:


The current 2016 Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) are shown on this chart:

The following two articles show the income levels, at which poor people generally do not have to file a tax return:

When you correlate the 2016 FPG chart to the above information from Forbes and, you see that “poor people,” as defined by the 2016 FPG, do not have to file a tax return anyway.


So Donald Trump is offering nothing…absolutely nothing…to poor people in this area of taxation, that they did not already have.

Trump might as well promise that “poor people will all be allowed to breathe, drink water, and go to the bathroom.”

But this did not stop Trump.

He proudly offered this “no taxes for people” pledge to the National Hispanic Leadership Conference (NHLC)…and in doing so, he insulted the intelligence of every Hispanic Leader in that room.

Trump thought the Hispanic leaders would not look up the federal definition of “poor,” or cross-correlate this defined cohort to their current tax treatment.


“There are three kinds of lies,” said Mark Twain. “Lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

Donald Trump is a master of all three. This video is perfect evidence:

With each passing week, the Donald sounds more and more like “Big Brother” in Orwell’s totalitarian classic, 1984.

In classic “Big Brother” style, Trump ended his grand speech to the NHLC with this:

“I’m going to win and we’re going to take care of everybody…you’re going to be very happy, you’re going to like President Trump.”

That’s right up there with Freedom is SlaveryIgnorance is Strength…and…

Big Brother Loves You.


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3 Comments on “Donald Trump promises NO TAXES for poor people…absolutely NOTHING

  1. I think he was dropped on the head when he was a baby.
    Completely out of touch with reality!


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