Latinos and the US Publishing Industry

  With nearly sixty million Latinos in the US, it is time for Latino voices – not Latino stereotypes – to drive our literature. This week, Publishers Weekly ran an editorial which calls for Latino culture and heritage,… Read More

Puerto Ricans and Latinos buy more books, purchase more movie tickets…and yet are “invisible” Americans

  Over the past five years, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) discovered that year after year, Latinos are buying twice as many movie tickets as African-American moviegoers. And now, corporate America is discovering that Puerto… Read More

U.S. Latinos buy TWICE as many movie tickets as blacks

  According to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Latino moviegoers in the U.S. buy twice as many movie tickets as black moviegoers. All across America, twice as many Latinos line up at the the movie box… Read More

Puerto Ricans march on Washington, D.C.

  Tomorrow, December 2, thousands of Puerto Ricans will arrive in Washington, D.C. to demand immediate action on the fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico. Coordinated by the Hispanic Federation, the action will focus on Chapter 9 Bankruptcy protection… Read More

Donald Trump makes America great…by shipping his own jobs to China and Mexico

  The theme of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is to “make America great again.” It is unclear how he will do this, or what his criteria are for “greatness,” but it has something to do with kicking out… Read More