Latino lives matter: the Ruben Blades Manifesto

  Someone finally said it. On his own web site this week, Ruben Blades wrote the painful truth…that there is a widespread suppression of Latino artists, and Latino voices in America. Here is the Ruben Blades Manifesto:… Read More

Puerto Ricans and Latinos buy more books, purchase more movie tickets…and yet are “invisible” Americans

  Over the past five years, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) discovered that year after year, Latinos are buying twice as many movie tickets as African-American moviegoers. And now, corporate America is discovering that Puerto… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: the Fania All Stars

  The Fania All Stars were formed as a fusion of the best bandleaders and singers from seven salsa orchestras, complemented by veteran musicians from the New York scene. From 1968 till the late 1980’s, the Fania record… Read More