A Guided Tour of Puerto Rico’s Financial Control Board

  As a service to our readers, here is a guided tour of the Financial Control Board that will soon rule over Puerto Rico. The following photos illustrate the methods and government philosophy, that this Control Board will… Read More

Puerto Rico Cannot Pay its $73 billion Debt…but its Politicians Vote Themselves a Pay Raise!

  The U.S. is responsible for the misery in Puerto Rico. They created the colony. They forced a perverse relationship, that is now unraveling in the Caribbean. There are 73 billion reasons for this relationship to end. But… Read More

A picture worth 1,000 words: an “investor” in Puerto Rico picks up a rifle, to “feel safe” from Puerto Ricans

  On February 11 and 12, hundreds of vulture funds and politicians met in San Juan to discuss how to profit – as much as possible – from the misery of Puerto Rico. It was called the “2016… Read More

Puerto Rico will not be the fifty first state

  Thirty-five years ago Rubén Berríos, the president of the Independence Party of Puerto Rico (PIP) shocked a lot of people. He declared that the two major parties in Puerto Rico (PPD and PNP) were a complete fraud…because… Read More

Daily News opinion: “No” to a Financial Control Board in Puerto Rico

  The US Congress is currently deciding the economic fate of Puerto Rico. It is holding hearings on how to impose a Financial Control Board, that will rule over the entire island. This Board will be a collection… Read More