Puerto Ricans march on Washington, D.C.

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Tomorrow, December 2, thousands of Puerto Ricans will arrive in Washington, D.C. to demand immediate action on the fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico.

Coordinated by the Hispanic Federation, the action will focus on Chapter 9 Bankruptcy protection for the island, health care funding, and tax reform.

Congressional and federal agency offices will be lobbied.

If you want your voice to be heard, the flier below will provide you the basic information for this event.
We’ll see you there!

PR National Day for Action


7 Comments on “Puerto Ricans march on Washington, D.C.

  1. Me sorprenderá si se presentaron más de cuatro (4) gatos. Aunque la eliminación de la Ley de Cabotje ayudaría en algo el consto de los productos en la isla PERO no será gran cosas para bajar los costos de los productos vendidos en la isla y mucho menos solucionar los problemas economicos de PR.


    — I was there, and there were many hundreds…possibly thousands…of Puerto Ricans at the Washington DC call to action.

    I am writing an editorial about it.
    –Nelson Denis


  2. Another thing Puerto Rico should be allowed to vote for president. If Puerto Rico had that all the abuse would have ended a long time ago.


  3. Please go to the web-site
    “We The People- White House Petitions”
    And sign the petition:
    “Freedom for Puerto Rico from Maritime Laws”-
    We need signatures!
    The deadline is December 26, 2015


  4. Get rid of the 1920 Jone’s act against Puerto Rico. That law just keeps Puerto Rico on a down hill spiral economically, and ensures a vibrant U.S. Maritime industry. OJOS!

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