Donald Trump makes America great…by shipping his own jobs to China and Mexico


The theme of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is to “make America great again.”

It is unclear how he will do this, or what his criteria are for “greatness,” but it has something to do with kicking out Mexicans and taking our jobs back from China.

According to Trump, “the problem with America is that we don’t make anything anymore.” Trump warns us that “the Chinese are laughing at us behind our backs. They want our people to starve…they’ve taken our jobs away.”

If this is true, then Trump cannot be our next president. In fact, he should be tried for treason…because Donald Trump is currently sending his own jobs to China and Mexico.

According to ABC News, here is a list of just some of the Trump products that are currently being manufactured in China:

Trump shirts

Trump sweaters

Trump golf hats

Trump belts

Trump warm-up tops

Trump ties

Trump tie clips

Trump cufflinks

Trump Teddy Bears

This didn’t require any great detective work from ABC News. Four years ago, Salon reported that the Trump Signature collection of suits and ties was being made in China.

At 725 Fifth Avenue, in the atrium of the Trump Tower, the Trump Store sells a wide variety of China-made Trump clothes.

This includes Chinese Trump shirts…

Trump Shirt – made in China

Chinese Trump ties…

Trump Tie – made in China

…and dozens of Chinese Trump clothing accessories.


In addition to China bashing, candidate Trump is deeply concerned about Mexican immigrants, and Mexican manufacturing jobs that “really belong here in the U.S.”

Trump wants to deport 11 million Latinos and build 1,900-mile wall on the Mexican border – so that “real” Americans can get their jobs back, and keep them.

If that is the case, then why is the Trump Signature Collection being manufactured not just in China…but also in Mexico?

Donald Trump Signature Collections

Candidate Trump complains that “Mexico is stealing our jobs,” while Billionaire Trump outsources those same jobs…to Mexico.

The press have widely reported it.


It seems that Donald Trump has a bit of explaining to do.


3 Comments on “Donald Trump makes America great…by shipping his own jobs to China and Mexico

  1. Let’s think for a second. America make his wealth after having military factories and industries after world war 2. At the time we were the most powerful country in the world because of the after match factories and industrie. Now whit the free commerce agreement whit China in 2001 and their penniless workers salary and no environmental rules. everyone send their factories to china, is crazy trying to compete in the actual market whitout manufacturing overseas. Less factories, less works.


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