Historic Photo of the Day: Three “suspected” Nationalists

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


These three women were all arrested immediately after the revolution of October 1950. 

The charges against them – in the aggregate, not individually – included attempted assassination, violation of Public Law 53, and thirty-seven cases of contempt of court.

Perez, Viscal, ReynoldsCarmen Perez, Olga Viscal, Ruth Reynolds, arrested after the revolution of 1950

All three of them were found guilty and served time in La Princesa (San Juan) and the Arecibo District Jail.

Carmen Perez was sentenced to 22 months for attempted assassination. It is unclear who she tried to “assassinate,” since she was helping to protect Pedro Albizu Campos from getting killed by police, FBI and National Guard troops in his apartment on Calle Sol.

At the time of her arrest, Olga Viscal had a Ph.D. in Political Science and had not committed any violent act against the US. She was nonetheless sentenced to eight years for contempt of court, and was imprisoned for five.

Ruth Reynolds, an American pacifist, was researching the student arrest and police abuse that occurred in the Univ. of Puerto Rico in 1948. She was imprisoned for two years, and went on to write a detailed recollection of the period, Campus in Bondage.


2 Comments on “Historic Photo of the Day: Three “suspected” Nationalists

  1. Another misconception is calling a revolution to every armed attempt to achieve Puerto Rico’s independence. Only when the action is successful it can be called revolution. Otherwise, is called insurrection or rebellion; it’s members are called rebels.
    This isn’t in any way an insult to the Puertorrican Nationalist’s efforts to achieve the independence of Puerto Rico.


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