Puerto Rican Bishops Threaten Catholic Voters with Excommunication if they Vote for the PPD

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

In Puerto Rico, the three Catholic bishops announced that any Catholics who vote for the PPD are committing a sin, and may be ex-communicated.

The three bishops – Archbishop James P. Davis of San Juan, Bishop James E. McManus of Ponce, and Luis Aponte Martinez, titular bishop of Lares – issued a burning denunciation of the PPD.

Luis Aponte Martinez and Pope Paul VILuis Aponte Martinez with Pope Paul VI

This did not happen today. It happened on October 29, 1960, on the tenth anniversary of the Nationalist Revolution of October 1950. Pedro Albizu Campos was still suffering in prison, Luis Muñoz Marín was still the governor…and the Catholic bishops of Puerto Rico could not stomach the hypocrisy of it all.

Here is what they said:

“It is not licit for Catholics to favor with their votes the establishment and spread of a morality without God.”

“Any Catholic preaching or publicly supporting the Popular Democratic Party’s program, with its heretical content, not only commits sin but also can be excommunicated.”


Although this happened 55 years ago, here is where we are today: Just three weeks ago, on August 31, the Archbishop of San Juan, four more Catholic bishops, and thirteen more Christian leaders sent a letter to the US Federal Reserve, essentially pleading for their intervention with the $73 billion debt of Puerto Rico.


The eighteen Christian leaders are responding to a crisis in which the PPD is greatly responsible: the mismanagement and, in many instances, the outright theft of the Puerto Rican economy.

The Bishops should take the additional step taken in 1960, and denounce the politicians that are sinking Puerto Rico into the ocean.

Maybe these politicians should be ex-communicated, for selling off pieces of the island (the water supply, electricity, highways) in so-called “public-private partnerships.”


Something needs to happen, and quickly.

There is not much time left.

3 Comments on “Puerto Rican Bishops Threaten Catholic Voters with Excommunication if they Vote for the PPD

  1. The United States bears ultimate responsibility for the blatant mismanagement of its colony, Puerto Rico. Read any bona fide history of Puerto Rico since the invasion in 1898 AND its bibliography. It’s all there, including the flimsy economic mirage the “prosperous” Manos a la Obra actually was.


  2. I’ve held my tongue for a while, but this is too much! You seem to blame everything that is wrong with Puerto Rico on the U.S. …like if we weren’t connected with them, this would be utopia…total B.S. …. The AEE and AAA are still government entities….the corruption and graft prevalent, not to mention the absolute total mismanagement of these authorities, is what has brought us to our knees. This island has been grossly mismanaged by the Puerto Ricans that have control of this government! I’ve lived here for 25 years…I’ve seen it go from a prosperous, vibrant economy to bankruptcy! The only thing that can possibly save this island is U.S. intervention…because left on its own, it’s going down…and me and everyone else who lives here, is going down with it… In my opinion, it is incapable of fixing itself…it is too politicized… Trust me…there is a five year plan to go before the legislature that may offer a way out…it will not be approved…everything is going to fall apart…the government is going to shut down in November because of cash flow problems and the refusal of the legislature to recognize reality and do what is needed. I pray that I am wrong…

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “It happened on October 29, 1960, on the tenth anniversary of the Nationalist Revolution of October 1950.” …. seems something similar should happen today … SOON!!


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