Puerto Rico’s next election will be “supervised” by the FBI

    The Nov. 8 elections in Puerto Rico – for governor, legislature, and dozens of mayors – will be “supervised” by FBI agents. These agents will be stationed throughout the island, and they will carry firearms.  The… Read More

The Governor of Puerto Rico is taking LSD

  There is no other way to say it. This dramatic headline is the only possible explanation, for the bizarre behavior of Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla. One month ago, he tried to privatize the island’s beaches. Two weeks… Read More

Electrical blackouts all over Puerto Rico

  A series of “rolling blackouts” have hit Puerto Rico over the past month, and the frequency of all the blackouts is increasing. Over the past three years, electrical blackouts have increased by 449 percent throughout the island…. Read More

Vulture funds are suing Puerto Rico to death

  The ink isn’t dry on the PROMESA bill, and the Financial Control Board members have not been announced…but this does not stop the vulture funds. Twenty-seven of them are already suing Puerto Rico, demanding their money as… Read More

V for Vendetta…the rise of Juan Bobo

  Puerto Rico is under attack. A hero must come forward and stand up to the United States – but that hero would be jailed or killed. And so, the island needs an avatar – a potent symbol like Aguila Blanca,… Read More