Oscar López Rivera and Pedro Albizu Campos…two great Puerto Rican heroes

  A hero sacrifices a great deal – sometimes their life – for a cause much bigger than themselves. For this reason Oscar López Rivera and Don Pedro Albizu Campos are great heroes. They were both jailed for… Read More

Ruth M. Reynolds…born 100 years ago…a champion of Puerto Rico

  Ruth Mary Reynolds was a teacher and civil rights activist with a deep commitment to Puerto Rican independence. She went to jail for “conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government.” But the real reason for her arrest, was… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: Puerto Rico in the Statue of Liberty

  On October 25, 1977, thirty Puerto Rican Nationalists demanded freedom for Puerto Rico, and occupied the Statue of Liberty for eight hours. They draped a Puerto Rican flag from its crown, and a banner calling for the… Read More

A Treasure in Puerto Rico: Don Heriberto Marín Torres

  Heriberto Marín Torres is a living history book. He helped Blanca Canales to raise the Puerto Rican flag and declare the Republic of Puerto Rico, during the revolution of 1950. He went to prison for this, and… Read More

Puerto Rican Bishops Threaten Catholic Voters with Excommunication if they Vote for the PPD

In Puerto Rico, the three Catholic bishops announced that any Catholics who vote for the PPD are committing a sin, and may be ex-communicated. The three bishops – Archbishop James P. Davis of San Juan, Bishop James E…. Read More