Religious leaders ask the Federal Reserve for debt relief in Puerto Rico

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Religious leaders from Puerto Rico have asked the US Federal Reserve to re-structure the island’s $73 billion debt, in order to avoid drastic austerity measures. 

On Monday, August 31, eighteen Christian leaders cited the biblical concept of “jubilee” to call for debt relief. They also advocated for HR 870 – a congressional bill that would confer some limited bankruptcy powers to Puerto Rico.


Pedro Pierluisi, the Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, submitted HR 870 to the US Congress on Feb. 11, 2015. It remained unread and untouched, and was not assigned to any committee, until five weeks later on March 16.

The bill then sat in that committee until July 31, when Congress broke for a six-week summer vacation.

In other words, HR 870 went nowhere.

HR 870


Since Pres. Obama and the US Congress both refused to take any action on behalf of Puerto Rico, its top religious leaders appealed to the conscience of the US Federal Reserve.

They wrote a letter to the Federal Reserve stating that: “As Isaiah and Jesus called, we call for a jubilee of Puerto Rico’s people.”

The letter added: “In the absence of Congress extending bankruptcy protection to Puerto Rico, we must call for greater involvement from the Federal Reserve to act and arbitrate our debt.”

The letter was signed by the Archbishop of San Juan; the Bishops of Ponce, Mayaguez, Caguas, and Fajardo-Humacao; the Secretary General of the Puerto Rico Biblical Society; and twelve Christian ministers from all areas of the island.

Here is the letter:

The appeal from these religious leaders is courageous, compelling…and very sad.

Eighteen Christians are throwing a Hail Mary pass at the Federal Reserve, hoping that somebody…anybody…is there to catch it.

After 117 years, Puerto Rico should not have to beg the US, or plead for biblical justice, in order to save its economy.

The US government is doing nothing.

The Puerto Rican government is powerless.  

The colonial relationship between the US and Puerto Rico, must be resolved as soon as possible.


6 Comments on “Religious leaders ask the Federal Reserve for debt relief in Puerto Rico

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  2. I commend the Puerto Rican religious leaders. I pray for all our elected leaders to be “on the straight and narrow” and I hope their efforts are not in vain. One thing I want you to consider: Pres. Obama’s biological father and step-father were both Muslims. That makes him a de facto Muslims. I am getting the feeling that our president doesn’t appreciate Christians or Christianity as we may have thought he did. I hope I am wrong.


  3. This may be a naive question; but here we go!
    Where are our singers, actors, artist, poets and performers?
    Why has not a concert been put together to gather the Puerto Rican masses in protest.
    A concert to raise awareness and ask the USA government to help our beautiful island that is suffering. (The Congress went on vacation at this time. What an insult.)
    Many Puerto Ricans are leaving the island every month- some will not make it and will have to return back to Puerto Rico. Into a very uncertain future.
    At the same time, must note- This year The Kennedy Center Honors 2015 in Washington DC, on Dec. 29, 2015- Will be honoring Rita Moreno.
    Rita Moreno is a Puerto Rican Actress that I deeply love and admired.
    Read her incredible biography. She broke barrier for the Puerto Rican people.
    As an actress and Puerto Rican she faced prejudice and had to fight hard for good roles.
    She open doors for us. She greatly deserves this honor.
    So, I wish USA Government to step up and give a break to Puerto Rico- Relief in water, relief economically and address the Jones Act.

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  4. Lideres Religioso? Es la primera Causa de la deuda , al infierno si es que hay , pero mejor es a la hoguera , para todos , nunca an pagado sus contribuciones , Ladrones!!!!!


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    Religious leaders: “In the absence of Congress extending bankruptcy protection to Puerto Rico, we must call for greater involvement from the Federal Reserve to act and arbitrate our debt.”


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