“Albizu Campos is a madman!” says Luis Muñoz Marín

  When Lolita Lebrón and Rafael Cancel Miranda launched an attack on the US Congress in 1954, Gov. Luis Muñoz Marín quickly took to the airwaves to denounce them. In a national TV interview, he explained that they… Read More

From Pedro Albizu Campos…to Pumarejo

  Don Pedro Albizu Campos was born, and Octavio Ramos “Tavín” Pumarejo died, on the same day of September 12. Their careers appeared very different…but just below the surface they shared the same vision, the same values, the… Read More

This 4th of July – the Prophecies of Pedro Albizu Campos

  Today, as we commemorate the independence of the US – the “leader of the free world” – we should also remember the words of Pedro Albizu Campos. DON PEDRO TOLD US THAT…“La Fortaleza has passed to the… Read More

Today…April 21, 2016…is the 51st anniversary of the death of Pedro Albizu Campos

  Fifty one years ago, Don Pedro Albizu Campos died in San Juan. The US and Gov. Luis Muñoz Marín had broken his body, but not his spirit.  Half a century later, all of Don Pedro’s warnings have… Read More

Pedro Albizu Campos, the Movie…the results are in

  The poll results are in. Over 260,000 people viewed the survey about War Against All Puerto Ricans…the movie. Over 550 comments came in.  Many of them offered ideas for the casting, music, and director of the movie…. Read More