The Empire’s Buffoon: Luís Muñoz Marín

  . As “public-private partnerships” and U.S. vulture funds prepare to devour Puerto Rico, it is useful to examine how the island was cooked and served like a Thanksgiving turkey. It started in 1898 and accelerated in 1952,… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: The Tydings Bill

  On three occasions, the U.S. Congress offered to give Puerto Rico its independence. In 1934, Senator Millard Tydings (D-MD), chairman of the Senate Committee on Territories and Insular Affairs, filed a bill in U.S. Congress that would… Read More

When Puerto Rico was ALMOST independent

  On three separate occasions – in 1935, 1943 and 1945 – the U.S. offered Puerto Rico its independence. Each time, the political leaders of Puerto Rico rejected it. The chief opponent to this independence was Luís Muñoz… Read More

Ignorance at Harvard: How Albizu Campos’s Alma Mater Reported the Revolution of 1950

  Throughout his entire life, the only time that Harvard University published anything about Pedro Albizu Campos, was when he went to jail. This was typical of “US journalism” about Puerto Rico. The New York Times reported the… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: Luis Muñoz Marín promises pan, tierra, y libertad

  In 1944, Luis Muñoz Marín mounted a furious campaign through the Puerto Rican countryside. He distributed hundreds of thousands of copies of El Batey, the PPD newsletter. He toured the Cordillera Mountain range in a jeep, with… Read More