Historic Photo of the Day: American Progress

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


This painting is called American Progress.

It was created in Brooklyn by a painter named John Gast, and widely distributed as a symbol of America’s “Manifest Destiny” and “frontier spirit.”

The painting was created in 1872.

Twenty-six years later, the US invaded Puerto Rico.


4 Comments on “Historic Photo of the Day: American Progress

  1. It was not “theirs” until after the conclusion of the Spanish-American War.

    Additionally, to this day, the presence of the US in Puerto Rico is invasive.

    Finally, the notion of US “ownership” of Puerto Rico is morally and personally offensive.

    I choose NOT to sanction it.


  2. She is a beautifully painted lady but for the Native Americans running; she is hell on earth.


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