Puerto Rico may NOT have to pay $72 billion, after all!

  In international law, an “odious debt” is an illegal debt that hurts an entire nation…and therefore does not have to be repaid. Many legal scholars have written that Puerto Rico’s $72 billion debt is “illegal and odious”… Read More

New York Times calls for ending the Jones Act in Puerto Rico

  The New York Times has agreed that the Jones Act must be removed in Puerto Rico. The Times editorial board stated that: “Lawmakers should allow non-American ships to carry goods between the island and the mainland, which… Read More

Canto a Puerto Rico: Yo Soy Boricua, Señores

  As Wall Street charges Puerto Ricans for their water and electricity…  As hedge funds buy pieces of their coastline…  It is important to remember what we are fighting for. Something that Gringolandia will never understand. This beautiful… Read More

The Head Chef of the IMF Meets Don Pedro

  The Global Managing Director of the IMF is affectionately known as the Head Chef of the IMF. One day the Head Chef convened the cow, the chicken, the turkey, the rabbit, the goat, the deer, the duck,… Read More

The Solution to Puerto Rico’s Public Debt: Let’s Eat All the Puerto Rican Children

    According to certain Americans and members of the IMF, the streets of Puerto Rico are crowded with drug addicts, welfare cheats, and filthy women with children hanging onto their skirts – all dressed in rags and… Read More