What Gov. Ricky Roselló MUST do for Puerto Rico

  Puerto Rico has selected its next governor: Ricky Roselló. To all appearances Gov. Roselló will not govern ANYTHING, with a US Financial Control Board breathing down his neck. But there are several things that he can accomplish…… Read More

The Governor of Puerto Rico cannot decide whether his country is a colony, or a superpower

  Last year, the governor of Puerto Rico complained that Puerto Rico had become “a territorial possession” of the US.  But then last week, this same governor announced that Puerto Rico has “more self-autonomy” than all fifty states… Read More

The death of Puerto Rico as a “Commonwealth”

  For the past 63 years, the US claimed that Puerto Rico is a “Commonwealth,” a “self-governing” territory, and a “free associated state” with the US. But a series of events in 2016, have proven that all of… Read More

George Orwell is alive and well…in Puerto Rico

  Welcome to Puerto Rico: where everyone is a sucker, and the US government treats every man and woman – regardless of age and education – like a five-year old idiot. The lies from El Norte pour down… Read More

A fake Promesa for Puerto Rico: the “new” Financial Control Board bill

  A new Caribbean dictatorship will soon take charge of Puerto Rico. The final PROMESA bill finally arrived…and it is the WORST one of all. After five months of “hearings” and “analysis,” the US Congress announced HR 5278…the… Read More