Financial Control Board for Puerto Rico…YES or NO?

I believe that a Financial Control Board will be a disaster for Puerto Rico…that at best, it will be nothing but a collection agency for hedge funds and private equity firms; and at worst, it will implement the… Read More

Canto a Puerto Rico: Yo Soy Boricua, Señores

  As Wall Street charges Puerto Ricans for their water and electricity…  As hedge funds buy pieces of their coastline…  It is important to remember what we are fighting for. Something that Gringolandia will never understand. This beautiful… Read More

The Solution to Puerto Rico’s Public Debt: Let’s Eat All the Puerto Rican Children

    According to certain Americans and members of the IMF, the streets of Puerto Rico are crowded with drug addicts, welfare cheats, and filthy women with children hanging onto their skirts – all dressed in rags and… Read More