350 schools in Puerto Rico are CLOSED and SOLD, by Puerto Rican government traitors

    Five months ago, the Puerto Rico legislature tried to pull a fast one, and “privatize” the beaches of Puerto Rico on the last day of session. The public outrage was so fierce, that the legislature backed… Read More

The truth begins to leak out: the Financial Control Board will “not fix anything” in Puerto Rico

  For nearly a year Republicans, hedge funds, and Wall Street lobbyists called for a Financial Control Board (FCB) to “fix” Puerto Rico’s economy. Now the US media are slowly admitting that the FCB will not really fix… Read More

“Dark Money” group spends $200,000 in TV ads, to keep Puerto Rico from receiving any debt relief

  A group called the “Center for Individual Freedom” (CFIF) has purchased $200,000 in TV ads in the Washington D.C. media market, to convince legislators to deny Puerto Rico any immediate debt relief.  The ads will air on… Read More

FBI must investigate the Scarface of Puerto Rico: ex-Governor Luís Fortuño

  A petition is circulating, which demands an FBI investigation of ex-governor Luis Fortuño and his crimes against Puerto Rico. We agree 100%. Luís Fortuño converted Puerto Rico into his personal criminal empire…a bottomless billion-dollar buffet table. FORTUÑO’S… Read More

Bernie Sanders for Puerto Rico

  Bernie Sanders is currently in a statistical dead heat with Hillary Clinton – nationwide – in the Democratic nomination for president of the United States. Bernie is coming on so strong, that he was recently on Saturday… Read More