Walmart Sues Puerto Rico because “taxes are too high”

  This week, Wal-Mart Puerto Rico, Inc. filed a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in an effort to overturn a tax law known as Act 72, which Walmart says is discriminatory, and violates federal laws and… Read More

More Walmarts Per Square Mile in Puerto Rico, Than Anywhere Else on the Planet

  Recent studies show that Puerto Rico has more Walgreens per square mile, than anywhere in the US…and the island has more Walmarts per square mile, than anywhere on the planet. Walmart owns the Sam’s Club and… Read More

The Solution to Puerto Rico’s Public Debt: Let’s Eat All the Puerto Rican Children

    According to certain Americans and members of the IMF, the streets of Puerto Rico are crowded with drug addicts, welfare cheats, and filthy women with children hanging onto their skirts – all dressed in rags and… Read More