The Head Chef of the IMF Meets Don Pedro

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


The Global Managing Director of the IMF is affectionately known as the Head Chef of the IMF.

One day the Head Chef convened the cow, the chicken, the turkey, the rabbit, the goat, the deer, the duck, the Cornish hen, the suckling pig, the sardine, the tuna, the salmon and the shrimp. A coquí named Don Pedro was an honored guest. The turtle and crab were the last to arrive.

A coquí named Don Pedro

When all were present and accounted for, the Head Chef explained, “I have brought you all together because this is a democracy, and I am not a dictator.”

The animals all cheered, and then the Head Chef asked, “What sauce would you all like to be eaten with?”

While the animals pondered the question, the coquí said, “I don’t want to be eaten at all.”

The Head Chef then adjourned the meeting.

5 Comments on “The Head Chef of the IMF Meets Don Pedro

  1. Puerto Rico also will not permit to be eaten.


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