New York Times editorial: Suspend the Jones Act in Puerto Rico!

The time has come to remove the Jones Act in Puerto Rico. In today’s editorial pages, the New York Times shared the urgent and powerful reasons, why this needs to happen: For a history of the War Against… Read More

Puerto Rico retirement system (including teachers) may crash by April 2017

    A bombshell report from the government of Puerto Rico has revealed that, by April 2017, the island will be worse than bankrupt – it will have a deficit of $68 billion, a “debt” of $72 billion,… Read More

ABC News selects the next governor of Puerto Rico

Five days before the election, ABC News annointed Ricky Roselló to the governor’s mansion. According to ABC, Ricky is “expected to win” and will be the “next governor of Puerto Rico.” ABC also announced that Ricky will make… Read More

The last debate for Governor of Puerto Rico

  The final gubernatorial debate was held in Puerto Rico, on October 26.   Six candidates spoke about government corruption, the fiscal crisis, Wall Street, unemployment, education, and the independence of Puerto Rico. A detailed coverage of that debate,… Read More

The Governor of Puerto Rico is taking LSD

  There is no other way to say it. This dramatic headline is the only possible explanation, for the bizarre behavior of Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla. One month ago, he tried to privatize the island’s beaches. Two weeks… Read More