Juan Bobo supports the Tennessee Plan of Gov. Ricky Roselló to make Puerto Rico the 51st state…because it’s bound to FAIL.

     “I support the Tennessee Plan…100 percent!” said Juan Bobo, then rode off into the sunset. Later that night, he explained why. “Ricky Roselló is an idiot,” said Bobo. “His Tennessee Plan is ridiculous, and when it… Read More

New York Times calls for ending the Jones Act in Puerto Rico

  The New York Times has agreed that the Jones Act must be removed in Puerto Rico. The Times editorial board stated that: “Lawmakers should allow non-American ships to carry goods between the island and the mainland, which… Read More

Crisis in Puerto Rico: Nelson Denis column in the National Journal

Puerto Rico is finally receiving some attention.  On July 2, the New York Times called for Jones Act reform: an end to the archaic Law of Cabotage, which has crippled the island’s shipping industry for 95 years.  Over… Read More

ABC TV Reports on Jones Act Reform and Puerto Rico’s $73 Billion Debt…on TIEMPO

  On July 5, 2015, ABC TV devoted a special segment to discussing the economic crisis in Puerto Rico.  On TIEMPO with Joe Torres, the subjects included the need for a shipping industry in Puerto Rico, and the… Read More