Electrical Blackout in Puerto Rico…ALL of Puerto Rico

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“The entire island is without power,” said Angel Crespo, director of Puerto Rico’s fire department.

The entire island of Puerto Rico was left without electrical power yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 21) due to a fire at the Aguirre electrical plant. This caused a chain reaction throughout the island…water service shut down, highways jammed, train service was canceled, and 15 more fires ignited across Puerto Rico, as a result of malfunctioning electric generators.

Fires broke out in the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, and the mayor’s office in Cataño.

Government offices, universities and businesses closed early, which created even more chaos on the roads and highways. A policeman trying to direct traffic was run over, and taken to the hospital.

Colapso total del sistema de la AEE en Puerto Rico (A complete collapse of the electrical and energy system of Puerto Rico) was the headline in the island’s largest newspaper, El Nuevo Dia.



This blackout is the latest in a series of “rolling blackouts” that have hit Puerto Rico for the past two months…and the frequency of all the blackouts is steadily increasing.

Over the past three years, electrical blackouts have increased by 449 percent throughout the island. 1,007 service interruptions were reported in 2013…and in 2015, the interruptions rose to 5,707.

This represents over 15 blackouts per day, in every area of the island.

This doesn’t happen only in remote rural areas. On July 29-30, major areas of San Juan were thrown into darkness.

And yesterday, finally, the blackout consumed the entire island.


There is a bitter irony in this. The blackouts are occurring even though people are paying 300% more for their electricity in Puerto Rico than in New York City, and the rates are scheduled to rise by another 15-20% over the next six months.

Another irony is a recent announcement by the Puerto Rico Senate, that they would conduct an “investigation” into all of these blackouts. But the Commonwealth government itself, has been the greatest source of corruption with regard to PREPA.


According to current a lawsuit in Washington, D.C. federal court, a “Fuel Oil Cartel” in Puerto Rico poisoned the air and water in Puerto Rico for 13 years, from 2002 till 2015. This lawsuit charges that government officials received OVER $100 MILLION to “look the other way,” as illegal and poisonous oil was used throughout the entire PREPA power system.

The case is Rolón v. PREPA, and here is the entire 80-page complaint:

In the 80-page complaint, paragraphs 19, 23, 77, 80, 85, 102, 103, and 176 detail the main elements of the conspiracy.

In 1994, PREPA closed its oil testing lab, and started “out-sourcing” all tests to private lab facilities, which falsified the lab test results on oil shipments purchased by PREPA. This enabled the government to buy inferior toxic oil…then pass it off as premium oil.

The federal lawsuit asserts that just one laboratory hired by PREPA – the Caleb Brett Lab – falsified between 500 and 600 test results on this toxic oil, and reported it out as “premium” quality oil.

In this manner, foreign oil companies such as Petrobras made a criminal level of profit, and Puerto Rican politicians pocketed over 100 million in bribes, during the 2002-2015 period.

According to a top executive at Petrobras, Mr. Paulo Roberto Costa, about 3% of his oil company’s contracts were typically “re-invested” in bribes to local government officials.

If this “3% Rule” was applied to Puerto Rico, then the political class of Puerto Rico received over one hundred million dollars in bribes to poison their own people…and possibly OVER ONE BILLION DOLLARS ! (see paragraphs 80, 77).


So now, supposedly, the government of Puerto Rico is launching an “investigation” into the thousands of blackouts that are plaguing the island.

But several months ago, the Puerto Rico Senate held an “investigation” into the decades of illegal and toxic sludge oil, the poisoning of Puerto Rico’s air and water, and the over $100 million in bribes reportedly received by government officials in Puerto Rico – in both the PPD and PNP.

What happened with that investigation?


Did anyone go to jail?



There are many guilty parties in Puerto Rico.

For more than two decades, PREPA falsified nearly 600 lab reports in order to use illegal and poisonous sludge oil…and dozens of politicians, from both PPD and PNP, received over $100 million dollars in bribes to keep the scheme going.

This scam was reported by the New York Times.

From 2009 to 2013, during the Fortuño administration, PREPA issued seven bonds in a row, for a total of over $3 billion dollars. But less than 20% of this was spent to operate or maintain the electrical system, because nearly 85% of these bonds, were use to pay the interest on the bonds themselves. In other words, PREPA and Wall Street were running a Ponzi scheme.

In all this chaos and corruption, two figures currently stand out: Lisa Donahue and Gov. Garcia Padilla.

Over the past two years, PREPA has paid $37.5 million dollars to a “re-structuring expert” named Lisa Donahue. She was paid this enormous sum, in order to make PREPA more efficient, modern, and financially sound. But after two years, PREPA is further in debt. Its physical infrastructure is crumbling. Blackouts are swallowing the island, and electricity rates are scheduled to increase by 22% in 2017.

So what has Lisa Donahue, the $37.5 million dollar woman, been doing for the past two years? Her greatest contribution to PREPA and the people of Puerto Rico, would be to return the $37.5 million…and go re-structure someone else.

The other model of uselessness is Alejandro Garcia Padilla, the governor of Puerto Rico.

The governor convened a press conference to discuss the blackout, in which he was “not sure” when power would be returned, and “looking into” what could be done, to avoid future blackouts.

With all the eloquence of Yogi Berra, he told the press: “I assume complete responsibility for the outage. Everyone knows that the company’s maintenance problems began decades ago.”


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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10 Comments on “Electrical Blackout in Puerto Rico…ALL of Puerto Rico

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  2. Like I’ve said in a previous post…No time better for off the grid technologies. PR’s in great shape for it: Lot’s of sun. Lot’s of wind. And, ocean currents all around her. Not only could the Island PR’s pay back the infrastructure debt on these projects. They could sell an enormous amount of that likely surplus to anyone that will buy it at a competitive rate. Those projects would potentially create many good jobs, that could possibly transfer into long-term maintenance contracts. However, none of this will happen under the status quo of doing business on the island. The islander PR’s have got to do it themselves. I would think that most ( age groups ) on the island have seen the original 1939 “Wizard of Oz?” So, many reasons to watch it again ( as it relates how the island has been managed, etc…). But, my point here is that: Just like the Cowardly LIon, the Tin Woodsman, and the Scarecrow… they always possessed it. All of you people have it. You do. You just need to believe in yourself to see that you do have HEART. You do have just as good a BRAIN as any one. And that you do have COURAGE. It’s going to take all that courage to allow your brain to work in different ways than it is now. And, more importantly that brain needs to balance out waaay too much heart ( meaning, having too much blind faith and not questioning and being too nice about some things..). That’s what the bully has taken control of. Your heart. Liberate your individual collective courage and brains; and you will liberate yourselves in every good way conceivable.


  3. For the moment my internet name is “mensajero”. And yes, I bought your book. Una joya magistralmente y exquisitamente escrita. I am a teacher and professor at a local university in Puerto Rico. I was the honor guard in Don LMM funeral 1980. I would first like to contribute my two cents regarding your book. First of all, it should be translated to Spanish for all Latin America. Make it a mandatory class at all the universities of Puerto Rico. No student should be left without reading this book.
    Regarding your website, I’ll share all your post that will help in the divulgation of your messages and post. And yes, I’ve advised all my friends to read your book. Just outstanding. I’ll keep in touch.


  4. Goodness gracious! Why is it that the people keep voting for these LEECHES/CRIMINALS? Has there ever been a politician in the history of Puerto Rico that has CARED about its welfare? Isn’t there something called DIGNITY left? Why aren’t these CRIMINALS held accountable? This SEVERE ABUSE is so disgusting and sickening especially when it’s coming from its own government.


  5. Reblogged this on dadsmadormaybejustinsane and commented:
    This is unacceptable. Million in aid to foreign country over 150 million just recently to Syria YET Puerto Rico is in shambles.
    Shame on America. Remember what goes around comes around there will be a reckoning.


  6. This is an absolute disgrace!!!

    How is it that an island that is DRENCHED in sunlight 365 days a year does NOT have at the very least solar power back-up contingencies??? How is it???

    How can the Island’s energy “PAYASO-IN-CHIEF” not have been advancing and promoting WIND POWER installations on strategic mountainsides that would capture the power of the ocean trade-winds for energy relief??? HOW??? HOW??? HOW???

    What about Ocean-Power Technologies? You are SURROUNDED BY OCEANS!!!

    Every piece of news that comes from the Island is just TRULY “deplorable”!!!
    Every day the Island looks more and more like a god-damned Banana Republic parody!!!

    What next?

    Have you no idea. that we are already regarded (thanks to USMainland Hollow-Wood and mass media venues) as a motley collection of dysfunctional, dangerous and drugged losers in mainland ghettoes, swinging from fire-escapes, selling our sisters for sex and stealing cell-phones for a couple of dollars to buy a piece of crack!.

    Can you possibly be that clueless???

    Forget about your luxury hotels!
    Forget about your malls with strolling peacocks and dancing fountains!
    Forget about your preciously restored historically-registered STUNNING fortresses!
    Forget about your 5-Star restaurants with chefs from France, Switzerland, England and Spain!
    Forget about multi-million dollar condominiums that scratch at the clouds!
    Forget about your luxury yachts bobbing up and down in the marinas!
    Forget about your “gente linda” in your chic clubs and pent-houses snorting cocaine!
    Forget about your USAmerican passports that gets you to the front of the line around the world!
    Forget about our relatives that died over the last century in WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War & Iraqi Wars!

    Stories like this erase ALL of the above and you are reduced to the same status as the MANY other Latin American 3rd world rat-holes, with images of little kids walking around naked with swollen bellies and pregnant dogs lying dead in the gutter and “peasants” selling Chiclets for a PENNY to Japanese tourists taking pictures of the “Porto Rican Natives” dancing our native dances in the Taco Bell parking lots! OMG!!!

    No wonder you are in such deplorable fiscal condition.

    When the Insular government has yet to attend to the most basic needs of its 4 MILLION inhabitants, like drinkable running water, functioning sewers, reliable electricity, public schools where kids actually are prepared for the future, hospitals that have state of the art services, does it really matter that you can text your orders to Starbucks or Pizza Hut???

    People WAKE THE F*CK UP!!!

    Do you not understand that when the HUGE world tourist community comes to regard Puerto Rico as just ANOTHER very flawed Caribbean destination, they will NOT be flying into San Juan or sailing their yachts to Cabo Rojo or flying their private jets into Ponce or ski-doo-ing around Fortaleza??? Do you not get it yet???

    When the world come to the conclusion that going to Puerto Rico is more of a hassle that its worth YOU will become a fly-over destination left to cater ONLY to boat-loads of drunken, tattoo’d slobs in Jimmy Buffet shirts from the USMainland looking to relive “Love Boat” fantasies with our grass-skirted Hula-Hula dancers!

    Dio’ mio, mi gente!!! Ya es tiempo que se despierten!!!

    Drop the plastic banderitas!
    Drop the “Mira, Mami” cafrerias!
    Drop the dancing in the streets!
    Drop the “Soy Boreekwa pa’ que sepa’ ” estupideces de calle!
    Drop the cell-phone!
    Drop the Face-Book selfie addiction already!

    Our Island is sinking into the ocean and looks AWFUL to the world!

    I am so ANGRY and so ASHAMED. Get serious already! Our Island’s future is slipping through your finger tips and you are getting manicures on those SAME fingers!!!

    We deserve much better from you and we have all sacrificed AND have survived the last century of USAmerican political intrusion and economic manipulation.. It is the very least to expect that those on the Island charged with its affairs DO THEIR JOBS and protect the Island’s residents.

    Que bochorno….my Mallorca-born grandparents in Terranova Cemetery in Quebradillas are turning in their graves watching this outrageous behavior. You are absolutely a disgrace!


  7. Give back the money Lisa Donahue… What a waste for a so called re-structuring expert. PNP and PPD your doing a great job of destroying the infrastructure. Keep it up. The financial control board is next in line, ready to sweep up the rest of the money. Despierta Boricua !!


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  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Blatant corruption and bad administration … “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOVERNMENT INVESTIGATION? There is a bitter irony in this. The blackouts are occurring even though people are paying 300% more for their electricity in Puerto Rico than in New York City, and the rates are scheduled to rise by another 15-20% over the next six months.” .. SMH!!


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