La Borinqueña

   Puerto Rico has a new superhero. Her name is La Borinqueña. The brainchild of Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, and personified by attorney/activist Stephanie Martin Llanes, La Borinqueña is a new comic book series that will launch in December 2016…. Read More

Financial Control Board sinks its teeth into Puerto Rico

  The US Financial Control Board (FCB) has announced that NO government agency in Puerto Rico may enter ANY transaction, without the prior approval of the FCB.  In other words…the entire insular government, and the entire public economy,… Read More

PROMESA will begin the “fiscal stabilization and eventual rebound” for Puerto Rico’s economy, says Somos El Futuro

  The PROMESA bill and its Financial Control Board are widely opposed in Puerto Rico. Over fifty organizations – including union leaders, university professors, community and environmental activists, artists, students and lawyers – formed an island-wide coalition against… Read More

Financial Control Board takes over the economy of Puerto Rico

The first meeting of the US Financial Control Board over Puerto Rico (FCB) lasted only 30 minutes. But this was enough time for the FCB to take over the island’s entire economy.   The FCB declared its jurisdiction over… Read More

Electrical Blackout in Puerto Rico…ALL of Puerto Rico

  “The entire island is without power,” said Angel Crespo, director of Puerto Rico’s fire department. The entire island of Puerto Rico was left without electrical power yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 21) due to a fire at the Aguirre… Read More