Puerto Rico politicians accused of receiving over $100 million in bribes…with the FBI and US Attorney’s office as part of the conspiracy

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In an enormous web of corruption, the Puerto Rico Power and Electrical Authority (PREPA) has been charged with diverting $100 MILLION A YEAR from the people of Puerto Rico to a conspiracy ring of government officials. A lawsuit has named 20 defendants, charging all of them with receiving bribes and defrauding the entire island.

The most shocking allegation is that these defendants were not investigated…because the FBI and US Attorney’s office in Puerto Rico, are a part of the conspiracy. Here is the entire legal complaint:


FBI announces ten arrests in Puerto Rico…but NOT of PREPA officials


A detailed analysis of this complaint, shows exactly how government officials and lab directors (including a lab director named Luis Fortuño) manipulated the oil purchasing process, in order to overcharge the people of Puerto Rico for $40 billion in illegally imported oil.


After the New York Times reported on this scandal, the Puerto Rico Senate scheduled some investigative hearings that were so explosive, that witnesses refused to testify.



Administrator of the PREPA Fuel Purchasing Office, Edwin Rodríguez,
and his attorney José Andreu Font, walk out of a Senate hearing

This unwillingness to testify is not surprising: with the government of Puerto Rico about to go bankrupt, and the arrival of a Financial Control Board within a few weeks, there is a strong possibility that several people will go to jail.


But the greatest shock is the recent report of “law enforcement professionals” – FBI agents, US Attorney personnel, and their families – who may have received payments to ensure that no investigations, indictments or arrests ever occurred.


Ten arrests at PRASA…but NO arrests at PREPA

The allegation of “protection payments” to exclude PREPA from government prosecutions, gains added credibility when it is compared to recent events at PRASA.

On December 3, 2015, the FBI arrested ten Puerto Rico government officials and businessmen. The arrestees include Anaudi Hernández Pérez, who is in charge of campaign finances for the Governor of Puerto Rico and for the Popular Democratic Party (PPD); a former vice president of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA); the current head of PRASA purchasing; and the administrator of the Workforce Development Administration (WDA).


The defendants were charged with extortion, money laundering, wire fraud, and federal program bribery at PRASA.

Yet with a twenty-year history of fraudulent oil purchasing, as proven sixteen years ago in a US federal court (Negrón v. Caleb Brett, 212 F.3rd 666, 2000) and documented two months ago in the New York Times, no one has been indicted, arrested or charged at PREPA.




Whatever the outcome of all this, one thing is certain: hustlers on Wall Street and thieves in the Commonwealth government, have been feasting on Puerto Rico for decades…and now when the bill comes due, these criminals want the people of Puerto Rico to pay it for them.

A powerful book by journalist Jay Fonseca, Banquete Total, discusses this tragedy in great detail.

Within a few months, more schools and hospitals will close. More people will lose their jobs and pensions. The banquet is over…and the politicians and money manipulators who feasted for decades, are the ones who should pay for it.

Not the people of Puerto Rico.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos.com


19 Comments on “Puerto Rico politicians accused of receiving over $100 million in bribes…with the FBI and US Attorney’s office as part of the conspiracy

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Corruption … at every level, in everything related to the governing of Puerto Rico!! No wonder … it’s going under!!


  3. This does not surprise me at all. It will be a miracle if any body is charged or convicted. The people of PR always get screwed


  4. A bunch of bullshit. These articles and replies are designed to help the hedge funds.


  5. Try living here.power and water outages is a common struggle. What Americans or other tourists see is San Juan, after that it is the gettho. If you do see a mantion that is well maintained, yep it most likely is associated to 20 year corruption. It is the Wild wild Tropical paradise where you can do anything you want, that’s if you have a little cash. I would not be surprised if Clinton or Trump have indirect shares on this enchanted island.
    As an example, we won’t have water for the next 4 days. Do you know what that means? No showers, no washing dishes, caring about 8 buckets of water a day to flush a toilet. Having to make sure that we have our 50 gallon drums filled when there is water. These are the norms for an American territory, where the Puerto Ricans can’t vote but fight a war for us in the Middle East . A Jones act that prevents PR to export their goods around the world except if it’s true an American buissness . WTF ????


  6. It all has come to the light. There greed, and all there sins. Yet, they’ll talk about it now and for the next 100 years, BUT still, the People of Puerto Rico will pay the bill.! Shame on all..!


  7. It’s a shame that our beautiful island has been plundered with no reprecautions. Justice has to be be served to those leaches!


  8. Que barbaridad, y nadie preso? Entonces esto no puede ser vedad… No Lo creo


  9. Thats not all folks. What about the quimiical Laboratorie of MONSANTO in PR since 1929 Distributing cancer to PR & all it’s neighbours that consume PR products???????What about the politicians getting rich from permitting monsanto to exterminate us?


  10. Puertoricans have always known about the corruption of every one that is involved in every government agency what happens is that when the citizens brings it to their attention the ones in charge they put a tarpaulin on top of it and cover it and nothing gets done by the courts, because they all shake each others hand. thank you


  11. It’s the same around the world. They are caught because it happens sooner or later, all are caught. The sad thing is that they are getting publicity and prosecution only because of recent scrutiny. And the North Americans involved probably will not be held accountable as much as the Puerto Ricans. In PR it contributes to the headlines and scandal stories; but in the states it is everyday news, with politicians paying each other off and jerking each other off so much and often that it isn’t even frowned upon in most circles, it’s accepted as the “cost of doing business”. Personally, I think they should all hang. But mark my words: PR will carry the weight and the US will sweep their own under the rug expeditiously.


  12. it’s an embarrassment! We’re working our asses to get our pension and these aholes investing it without us knowing it. They are rich and middle class poor! Oh wait, there is no middle class!


  13. When Puerto Ricans learn how to live humble and satisfied with their island nation without wanting the lavish lifestyle of the “American Dream” then can we be bipartisan and focus on the Puerto Rican struggle.


  14. I hope I am correct with this information, but I understand that the financial control board was first proposed by supporters of Doral Bank in its dispute with Puerto Rico. Doral supporters are affiliated with “Koch Brothers”- I feel the members of Koch Brothers are interested in making money of Puerto Rico Only. I am concern about our beautiful land, it’s beaches, coral reefs, for they can abuse them for their own personal financial gain.They will not love this land and protect it. A Finacial Control Board is an imposition on Puerto Rico’s democracy and sovereignty.
    The removal of the Bankruptcy Protection law in 1984, was done by Rep. Strom Thurmond and Mr. Dole. I believe this is correct!?
    Mr. Strom Thurmond held a pro-segregation policies and voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. But Personally I feel they removed the Bankruptcy Protection law because they knew Puerto Rico could not sustain itself under the current system of Commonwealth. They knew it was a matter of time things will failed. Mr. Rob Bishop (Utah) is the chairman of House Committed of Natural Resources and presented a draft of legislation, but one get the feelings these politicians in Washington DC , are discussing the complete crumbling of Puerto Rico’s Economy. They are letting Puerto Rico fail and fall, so they can come down and do what ever they want, no questions asked!
    This Financial Control Board that republicans want President Obama to select 4 Republican and 1 Democrat is a violation to our democracy. I voted for Presidents Obama but his handling of Puerto Rico has made me view him in a different light.
    It seems The Finacial Control Board is coming down to Puerto Rico. It also seems nothing belongs to us the Puerto Ricans except the debt.




  16. Strange bedfellows in the same cesspool…politicians, FBI, and the US Attorney’s office.

    How do you beat that?


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