Electrical Blackout in Puerto Rico…ALL of Puerto Rico

  “The entire island is without power,” said Angel Crespo, director of Puerto Rico’s fire department. The entire island of Puerto Rico was left without electrical power yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 21) due to a fire at the Aguirre… Read More

The electrical system of Puerto Rico is in chaos

  With 15 blackouts per day, 567 disabled trucks, and all of its helicopters out of commission, the power grid of Puerto Rico is in deep trouble. To add insult to injury…a report has just been completed, showing… Read More

The cleaner of PREPA makes $36.7 million in 23 months…while blackouts and electric bills skyrocket throughout Puerto Rico

  In autumn of 2014, PREPA hired Lisa Donahue as its “Chief Restructuring Officer.” Between September 2014 and August 2016, Donahue was paid $ 36.7 MILLION to restore PREPA’s “fiscal and operational health.” http://www.elnuevodia.com/english/english/nota/lisadonahuegets73millionmorefromprepa-2127569 http://www.notiuno.com/aee-extenderia-contrato-donahue-por-8-9-millones/ So what does… Read More