New York Times report: the government of Puerto Rico may have poisoned its own people, with a billion-dollar “toxic oil” kickback scheme

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


According to the New York Times, the government of Puerto Rico may have poisoned people all over the island by using “toxic and illegal oil,” in its major electricity plants.

As reported in the Times, the scheme lasted over 25 years and may have generated over one billion dollars in criminal “kickbacks and commissions” to oil executives and politicians. Here is the entire New York Times report:

This very week, witnesses are testifying before the Puerto Rico Senate, that the Fuel Procurement Office of Puerto Rico has been intentionally approving cheap and poisonous oil for its electrical generator facilities, charging Puerto Rican consumers for a more expensive “legal” oil, and then pocketing the difference.

A class action suit has also been filed against government officials, oil suppliers and testing labs, under the federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, also known as RICO. Here are some of the many documents filed in that lawsuit:

This “toxic oil” problem was already known to the U.S. government. In 2004, PREPA was forced to sign a consent decree with the EPA, in which PREPA committed to using legal non-toxic oil, so that Puerto Ricans would not be poisoned by the island’s electrical generator facilities.

However it appears that PREPA, oil executives, and numerous politicians simply ignored their own consent decree, and continued to spew poisonous fumes into the air over Puerto Rico.

All in exchange for a billion dollars in illegal “kickbacks and commissions.”

Mark Twain once said: “it can probably be proven, through facts and figures, that the greatest criminal class in America is the U.S. congress.”  Sadly, this criminal class now lives in Puerto Rico, as well. 


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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23 Comments on “New York Times report: the government of Puerto Rico may have poisoned its own people, with a billion-dollar “toxic oil” kickback scheme

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  6. Im not surprise of the corruption in this island due to the politician behavior creating laws to protect thenselves appointing judges the serve to the politictian and not to the people mining all trust and credibility in goverment is a shame that still people persist bye own interest to follow politician that think as dictators. This one of the reason they arrive poor and get out rich.


  7. To Hidefvi (@Hidefvi),

    Your supposition is obtuse and without sound reason. You project your disdain for Sovereignty with condescension and bemusement ’cause you want the status quo to continue as if this is our best possible outcome. I strongly disagree, since we Puerto Ricans are a creative and resilient people capable of much more than the restraints that the U.S. congress enforces on us. The abolishment of the Jones Act could be the first step in our own self sustainment. Irrespective of some people’s disillusionment of my people being able to rise to the occasion when it comes to being a self generated unobstructed non-democratic governmet, our abilities cannot be hindered with flawed and obviously biased rhetoric that seek to continue our subjugation to our PLANTATION owners. The catalyst to any country being self empowered and self sustained comes not with chains attached by outside influences with destructive agendas for their benefits in tow, but rather the ideas of a people that want to establish something that benefit their countrymen with pride of having their own identity and governance that can negotiate international trade and businesses endeavors that work for common interests of those involved without vulture capitalism as its only moniker.
    Utopia is a day dream for fools, what simple minds can’t comprehend they ridicule because simplicity is the lense of the theologian that peddles summations and projections of what can’t be done.


  8. Have any “separatistas” been to a thriving utopian communist/socialist state recently? Somehow the “rich families” will be gone and the “people” will live free and happy when the imperialists no longer reign. ok. I’m all for going back to agriculture for local sustainability but none of the jokers here actually have a plan about how to get there. I would read a book that provides a plan but not some historical fiction piece. Plus Cuba has a power plant that is east of Havana. UPWIND from the city and every morning you can see the toxic crap onto the city. Did the imperialists do that too?

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  9. To : wilfredo February 22, 2016 y Eligio Ortiz February 21, 2016

    De acuerdo. Que todos esos PENDEJOS…!!Que se vayan hacia al carajo!! Pero quien lo va hacer?? Tiene que ser los PR’s cuales viven en la isla. Si no..nada pasa. Y sigue la misma mierda.


  10. I have been talking about this for more than 50 years.

    People called me a maniatico.

    Now, today, we can see who the maniaticos were.

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  11. who can we trust,we most sell the island to de UNITE STATE let them take care of all politicians send them to hell.


  12. It’s a shame , everyone who took part of this act should be placed in jail ,reimburse all the money to the people of puerto rico .


  13. that’s why Puerto Rico is on the verge of collapse because the corrupt politicians . every 4 years we elect a new governor .but in the senate and the house we keep the same shit who keep bleeding the country dry of our money .we have a bunch of corrupt politicians and the justice dept. do nothing about it . only the FBI make a few bust now and then .that’s why I say Puerto Rico ,like America is going down the drained .


  14. This occurs all around the world, nothing new with the negative reports. Puerto Ricans are afraid to speak up for their rights. Its all propaganda, corruption on all levels..


  15. The corrupt ones are few but they work well together. The 20+ rich families control both parties with money. The large majority of decent people are to blame for the eeerie silence they maintain in the face of such enormous corruption. Therefore there are no innocent people here, educated or not. By keeping silent, they are all part of the grand scheme of corruption. The fear of recrimination by the party mafia even among the educated is rampant and a reason given for keeping silent. Corruption is now deeply embedded in the culture and God Save the island from this economic free fall.


  16. After 118 years of colonialism and corrupt politicians the good people of Puerto Rico must be crying out loud ,Eli, Eli, Lema sabachthani?


  17. I cannot understand. It infuriates me to read the scale of corruption in Puerto Rico yet no one is brought to justice..StartIng with the ex governor Fortuno.. I knew for some time that their is corruption in the Puerto Rico piece departments. However, I was not aware of the magnitudes of The Buffett Table Of Corruption was so full.
    I literally am sickened and infuriated.

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  18. It is more than obvious to any sound observer that Luis Muñoz Marín’s corrupt governmental legacy continues in perpetuity. Disingenuous Puerto Rican racketeers disguised as patron politicians are effectually demonstrating the continued imperial practices of the very country that founded the tactics practiced by Puerto Rican governance. The grand U.S.A. and it’s exceptionalism continue its debasement of Puerto Rico through collusion of millionaire tacticians defrauding the meager wages of the Puerto Rican populous.

    The saddest part to this whole story is that the Puerto Rican population almost as a whole have bought into the propaganda that U.S. statehood will somehow cure what ails them. The reality is the contrary, you can’t cure cancer by attaching yourself to the original tumor, you must sever the malignant cause and then begin the healing process. Not to mention, that American media outlets traffic mass deception in their ignoring the Millionaires and their corporations that continue its legendary Plantation tactics until this very day.
    If Puerto Ricans are waiting for “Big Daddy Yankee” to care about their subjugation via corporate thievery, they’re better off dreaming that The Wizard of OZ will supply then with the courage, brain, and heart so they can sleep better at night.

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