350 schools in Puerto Rico are CLOSED and SOLD, by Puerto Rican government traitors

    Five months ago, the Puerto Rico legislature tried to pull a fast one, and “privatize” the beaches of Puerto Rico on the last day of session. The public outrage was so fierce, that the legislature backed… Read More

The Governor of Puerto Rico cannot decide whether his country is a colony, or a superpower

  Last year, the governor of Puerto Rico complained that Puerto Rico had become “a territorial possession” of the US.  But then last week, this same governor announced that Puerto Rico has “more self-autonomy” than all fifty states… Read More

Electrical Blackout in Puerto Rico…ALL of Puerto Rico

  “The entire island is without power,” said Angel Crespo, director of Puerto Rico’s fire department. The entire island of Puerto Rico was left without electrical power yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 21) due to a fire at the Aguirre… Read More

Speaker of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives took a $45,000 cash bribe, but says “I did nothing wrong”

  A Puerto Rican politician sits in an SUV with tinted windows. He calmly takes an envelope with $45,000 in cash – an illegal “donation” from a crooked businessman. Flash forward…the crook is arrested for bribery, embezzlement, grand… Read More

The Governor of Puerto Rico declares: at last Puerto Rico belongs to us!

  In a bizarre press conference on July 1, Governor Garcia-Padilla celebrated the pending arrival of a Financial Control Board (FCB) in Puerto Rico.  According to the governor, the FCB will “liberate Puerto Rico” from U.S. hedge funds,… Read More