Marco Rubio introduces a law, to lower the Puerto Rico minimum wage to $5 an hour!

 War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Under the banner of “economic assistance” for Puerto Rico, Marco Rubio has introduced a bill in the US Senate that would lower the minimum wage to $5.

It is called the EMPLEO Act (“Economic Mobility for Productive Livelihoods and Expanding Opportunity). According to Rubio, EMPLEO will “jump start” the island’s economy and create “new employment opportunities.”

EMPLEO is a very dangerous bill.

With a GOP president and congress, it could get fast-tracked and passed within few weeks.

Here is the text of the entire bill, which is designated as S. 3503…

The bill accomplishes two things:


It sets a minimum wage floor of $5 for everyone on the island, regardless of age. This goes further than the PROMESA bill, which also contemplated a minimum wage reduction …but only for workers aged 25 and under.


It creates a US federal wage subsidy of up to $2.50 an hour, for those employers who pay between $5 and $7.50 an hour.

According to Rubio, this will “reduce the cost of hiring new workers” and “make it easier to find a job.”

Oren Cass, a Manhattan Institute Fellow who helped to craft Rubio’s law, said that “reducing the minimum wage should create many more entry-level job openings.”

Cass also proclaimed that it will “mark a starting point for meaningful reform in mainland economic policy.”

Cass also called Rubio’s bill a “compassionate tool for addressing Puerto Rico’s challenges.”


There’s no other way to put this…Rubio and Cass are victimizing poor people in order to enhance their own careers, and possibly their bank accounts.

Their alleged “rationale” is that, even though the Puerto Rico median wage is only $9.42 (compared to the US median wage of $16.70), Puerto Ricans are being paid too much…and this is stalling the island’s economy. Therefore, say Rubio and Cass, a minimum wage cut will lift the economy…and benefit the people of Puerto Rico.

This is the same tortured logic that Dracula offers his victims, when he sucks their blood but makes them immortal. 


The numbers are quite simple. Thanks to the Jones Act, the cost of living in Puerto Rico is artificially inflated…with all the excess profits going to US auto manufacturers, food suppliers, and consumer goods companies.


A recent study compared the cost of living in Puerto Rico to that of 325 US urban areas. Here is what they found:


In general, supermarket items in Puerto Rico were 21% more expensive than the US, and the overall cost of living was 13% higher than in the 325 US urban areas.

Electricity alone costs 300% more in Puerto Rico (25 cents per kilowatt hour) than in New York City…and next year, in 2017, the rates will rise another 22% !


The same car costs $6,000 more in Puerto Rico than in Miami. Since there are more than 3 million cars in Puerto Rico, this amounts to an excess profit – mostly to US auto manufacturers – of 18 BILLION DOLLARS.

According to the US Dept. of Transportation, the average life expectancy of a car is 13 years…so roughly $1.38 billion per year (18 billion ÷ 13) is leaving Puerto Rico for excess profits on cars.

The US share of this is over $1 billion annually…in excess profits.

And that’s for cars alone!


The per capita income of Puerto Ricans is roughly $16,000 a year…about half that of Mississippi, the poorest state in the US.

So if Puerto Ricans are twice as poor as the poorest state in the US, but their cost of living is 13% higher than the US, then how will lowering the minimum wage to $5 be a benefit to Puerto Rico?

The answer is…it won’t.

It will turn Puerto Rico into a land of beggars and billionaires…a playground for the world’s elite, and the broken human beings who serve them.


Rather than strengthen Puerto Rico, EMPLEO will increase their dependence on US congress.

It will force US taxpayers to subsidize billionaires like John Paulson – who will pay only $5 to his hotel and beach resort workers. Then Paulson himself will turn around – and pay no taxes on interest, dividend or capital gains – thanks to Acts 20 and 22.

The greatest disaster will arrive when congress “forgets” to include the employer subsidy of $2.50 in future federal budgets…and then Puerto Ricans will be paid $5 an hour, period.

If anyone doubts the likelihood of congressional “forgetfulness,” they can consider how congress “forgot” that Law 53 (the Gag Law) violated the first amendment… then “forgot” to include Puerto Rico in the 1984 bankruptcy law…and “forgot” to amend the Jones Act, every year, for the past 96 years.


If Marco Rubio really wanted to “reform” the economy of Puerto Rico, he would join Congressman Gary Palmer and Senator John McCain, in their efforts to reform the Jones Act.

Rep. Palmer even tried to add a Jones Act exemption as part of the PROMESA bill – and was immediately shut down by Rep. Rob Bishop, the chair of the Natural Resources Committee.

But real reform is not on Rubio’s agenda.

Rubio will do nothing about Jones Act reform…he will even oppose it, in order to protect the jobs, unions, and campaign donors in Jacksonville, FL.

Rubio also has a well-known record as a “Senator for Sale,” specifically with regard to Puerto Rico.

In his own home state, the Florida newspapers reported that after receiving campaign donations from six hedge funds holding Puerto Rican debt, Rubio became the only U.S. presidential candidate to openly oppose bankruptcy reform for Puerto Rico.

Right now, thanks to Citizens United, Rubio may be on several payrolls:

  • John Paulson payroll – six hotels, multiple beach resorts, the AIG building, and 8.6% of Banco Popular…all in Puerto Rico
  • Nicholas Prouty payroll – the largest marina in the Caribbean
  • Monsanto payroll – with thousands of agricultural employees
  • Goldman Sachs payroll – with 50-year leases on PR-22 and PR-5 valued at $4 billion
  • Act 20 and 22 payroll – hundreds of US millionaires & billionaires paying no taxes for 20 years, and $5 an hour to their Puerto Rican servants
  • Hedge fund payroll – as dozens of “P3s” (public-private partnerships) blanket the island, as collateral for an unpaid $72 billion “debt”
  • Don Q payroll – the Serallés family in Ponce received a sweetheart lease on 34,500 acres of public land to plant…sugar cane fields! 
  • All the above will need workers…the cheapest possible workers…to keep the profits flowing.


They give Puerto Rico PROMESA.

Now they send EMPLEO.

In 1917, they sent CIUDADANO.

The US has been lying to Puerto Rico for over a century.

Next year, 2017, will mark the 100th anniversary of Puerto Ricans as US “citizens.”

And what will we get?

A $5 dollar minimum wage, and a plane ticket to Orlando.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos</span

33 Comments on “Marco Rubio introduces a law, to lower the Puerto Rico minimum wage to $5 an hour!

  1. A worker earning $5.00 per hour would receive a refundable credit of $2.50, raising his or her net wage to $7.50. A worker earning $9.00 per hour would get a subsidy of 50 cents per hour. This would create more entry level jobs, if you get paid $7.50 now you will still get $7.50. $5.00 + $2.50 = $7.50 per hour This bill would also make it more affordable for an employer to give a raise.


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  4. Juan Bobito (nee rubitito) is only doing his duty as a good Republican with the USA.

    As usual, he is giving directions to help Puerto Rico To be given at least enough to starve on.


  5. Freedom of Speech. Marco, I just want to say…from the bottom of my heart…you’re a complete asshole. You sir, must be the stupidest person in Washington, D.C…and that’s saying a lot! You are a disgrace to the human race, you disgust me, and I have no respect for you. That island is suffering enough. It’s bad enough that one of you morons stole a large donation that was given to Puerto Rico, millions of dollars, and nothing was done about it. Christopher Columbus destroyed almost all the Taino indians, because they didn’t want to be CHRISTIAN. Christopher Columbus ordered to cut their hands, and sling them around their neck, if they don’t convert to Christianity. The women were raped so brutally (by Christians) that they killed their offspring and committed suicide. Christopher Columbus took sixty percent of the Tainos back to Spain, and sold them into slavery (to Christian owners). The United States does not need morons like Columbus, or you, or anyone else as cruel as you. I will not ask for God’s mercy on your stupid ass. Anyone who follows you or Trump is a fool.


  6. Why dont Marco Rubio coward ass tell the Ppl of Borinquen Not Puerto Rico, that title is the reason that the ppl living in the Island are stagnant

    Why dont he tell them how the law states if you have no nationality you are treated like a corporate fiction

    Why dont he tell the Constituents of this beautiful Island, how they are simply rich, and owe no one, especially the US corporation which has been defunct since 1913-1933,

    The island of Borinquen does not need assistance what it needs if for all major business from the hotels to Walmart and othert to pay the money they owe all the status for living off the land and the labor off the ppl and paying them peanut when the law states any foreign enetity transsacting business in any land that they are foreign to must pay taxes to the indigeious populous of the Island…

    Borinquen does not owe anyone anything…A La Borinqueña y su gente le deben trilloñes porque marco Rubio no habla de eso


  7. Yeshua is coming to collect .Rubio is being controled by the devil. the white man
    Jesus will destroy the white race gays trannsgenders.non belieavers.& anyone who’s ancesesters are responsible for inslaving raping,lynching,taking from the poor.lying about him being a white devil with blonde hair & blues.pure all you uncle toms,& fake blacks & latinos asking a white jesus to save you .you will be buried before that happens.churches are a place of lies.bottom line is to you non’s very simple.Repent follow our Black K.I.N.G.or die
    Bless you all in the name of Christ!!


  8. Pegale un tiro a los Tiranos que si tiene bolas que se vaya a irak para que sea un verdadero americano no un piojo


  9. Pueblo de PR, suban a la red la copia de los recibos de la compra en el supermercado. Ahi se verá la verdad. Suban las facturas de luz y agua, etc. Que el mundo sepa como se vive aqui. Veamos como le revienta esto en la cara a Rubio. Como mínimo, espero que su popularidad baje al punto en que ni en su estado, lo quieran oir. Sáquenlo de las papeletas electorales, que ningun partido politico lo reciba por haberse convertido en in lastre electoral. Unidos lo venceremos.


  10. Y ahora, ¿quien podra ayudarnos?, iSe murió el Chapulin Colorado!


  11. El presidente electo dijo públicamente que no hará nada para ayudar a PR, asi que, se llevará muy bien con el Cubano este. No se hagan de iluciones con que Trump no le hará caso. Si se duermen de ese la’o van a morir espachara’os. En buen borincano. Hay que indagar la razón por la que este cubano odia tanto a PR, Una Buena razón sería
    si hubiera tenido un padre puertorriqueño que lo maltrato, abandon o no lo ayudo cuando era niño O sea que le dio mala vida, pero no creo que este hombre tenga progenitores, debe haber nacido de una mata de platanos en Cuba.


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  13. That worm of Cuban heritage is an example of a traitor. He represents the worse of the Latino Hispanic people in this country. Es el peor comemierda


  14. About electricity & gas prices…

    My average electricity price in Trujilo Alto, Puerto Rico (metro, about 2 miles from San Juan – postal code is San Juan) has been about $40 a month for years.

    Current gas prices are 66 cents per liter, or $2.50 a gallon.

    I am trying very hard to understand the bill proposed, but it’s hard to do so. I’ll share the links to see if someone can help us out:

    The proposed bill itself:
    Fair Labor Standards Act:
    Full IRS tax code:

    Can’t seem to find the proposed IRS tax code section which is a condition to what the bill wants to do, section 6433(c).

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  15. I’ve never been so disrespected by anyone Hispanic in my entire life. I am Puerto Rican born in the US. Born and raised in the US but to hear that type of story is completely demeaning and it will never help Puerto Rico recover from its deficit. He is but a puppet being pulled by his Masters strings. I am so glad he did not make the seat for president. He would destroy Puerto Rico single-handedly. Which seems like that’s what he wants to do. I have no respect for this man

    Liked by 1 person

  16. No, actually he does want real reform but, you don’t want to hear it. What you want is to have someone tell you what you want to hear. Keep voting for politicians who will spend your way to the bottom. The reform the island needs is going to be very painful there is no way out of it, period!


  17. Rubio is a sack of shit. Does he really thinks that lowering the wage will resolve in any way our economy??? I’m sick and tired that the US treat us like crap!

    The gas is higher, power and water is higher, for 3/4 of a galon of milk we are paying 5.58. Not even a whole freaking galon!!! We are paying more tax on gas and another raise is coming. The public transportation system is a disaster. Companies are leaving the country, among other things. And you really expect me to believe that 5.00 per hour we can make a living???


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  18. I wouldn’t worry that anything Rubio does will be expedited through Congress. He’s not the “voice of the GOP”, that was a liberal magazine trying to say something into existence. He’ll never get over the Gang of Eight label & he’s only popular in his own state. At least, enough to gain re-election. However; the minimum wage is too high & your price comparisons are misleading. It’s definitely cheaper to live in PR.

    So, your calculations are off & he doesn’t have the cache to push through anything. No worries. Besides, I just don’t see a President Trump signing this. He knows what different economies are in reality, especially in comparison to the US.


  19. So now we have a guzano Cubano interfering in Puerto Rican lives. Tell me what is going to be done about all this? Are we going to fight for our island? Or are we going to sit and whine? We gave up our men to die in foreign countries for our colonizer, they brainwashed us to fight for them, but we cannot do it for ourselves. SAD!


  20. Cuando la tiranía es ley, la revolución es orden. ~Pedro Albizu Campos


  21. Sigan votando x Marcos Rubio ahí lo tienen. El galón de leche est a $6.03 , el medio galon a $3.00.


  22. He sucks n l thought he was going to be good for president. Thank God he dropped out.
    He is a sell out. What a shame for us Puerto Rican’s. Smh 🤦‍♂️




  24. I don’t trust Marco a bit mostly he is a fraud on Cuba. Sensible people know that Obama’s efforts to open doors will weaken the regime as Cuba is opened up economically and once the progress evolves regime won’t be able to stop it. He says US got nothing out of Obama’s deal. Well it is the freedom of the Cuban people that’s the issue and the US should not expect anything in return. Rubio just plays to that rabid Miami Cuban fury that any contact at all is evil even to the point of stopping music groups, theater groups and poet recitals and visits by athletes. Lower wages to create jobs ? If people can’t buy anything more people get laid off who make things for people to buy when population can’t buy anything. An upward spiral(alleged) will not occur as a downward spiral of poverty increases.New voice of GOP ? He is buried as Trumpism is the new wave .

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  25. Can someone ex plane to me who does Marco Rubio think he is. Any way you look at it he step out of the Presidential race and now he making call on my island. Go help Cuba. How much money he makes I hear its about 170 hour maybe wrong but never the less he lowering the minimum wage . Would he work for five dollar an hour. Why do we let these ass holes make changes on our home.

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  26. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This leaves me speechless! The ever present ransacking of Puerto Rico st the hands of their master continues! Little Marco is despicable & deplorable! Fits in perfect with the ‘new’ administration!


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