Message to Pres. Obama: we are all watching your treatment of Oscar Lopez Rivera

  Last week, Pres. Obama commuted 98 prison sentences in one day. Obama has now shortened the sentences of 872 federal inmates: more than any other president since Woodrow Wilson, and more than the last 11 presidents all… Read More

George Orwell is alive and well…in Puerto Rico

  Welcome to Puerto Rico: where everyone is a sucker, and the US government treats every man and woman – regardless of age and education – like a five-year old idiot. The lies from El Norte pour down… Read More

When history comes alive: the many faces of Guerra Contra Todos Los Puertorriqueños

  In Ponce, under the guidance of Prof. Elia M. Vega, the students of Universidad Interamericana have discovered the book War Against All Puerto Ricans: both in English and Spanish. The following photos are a montage of the… Read More