Oscar López Rivera will go free…but Obama is still a HYPOCRITE

  At long last, after 35 years, Pres. Obama finally commuted the sentence of Oscar López Rivera. The president is to be commended for this. But for eight years, Obama misled the entire Puerto Rican community. He used… Read More

A Pulitzer Prize for Kike Estrada

  Kike Estrada is one of the best political cartoonists in the world. Kike conveys mountains of information with just one image. He could easily chair BOTH the political science and fine arts departments, at any college campus… Read More

Luis Fortuño wins the 2016 Puerto Rican Pinocchio Award

    Luis Fortuño, the baby-faced ex-governor of Puerto Rico, has received the coveted Puerto Rican Pinocchio Award. He defeated a highly competitive field: the 2016 finalists included three convicted felons, two hedge fund owners and the mayor… Read More

Marco Rubio introduces a law, to lower the Puerto Rico minimum wage to $5 an hour!

    Under the banner of “economic assistance” for Puerto Rico, Marco Rubio has introduced a bill in the US Senate that would lower the minimum wage to $5. It is called the EMPLEO Act (“Economic Mobility for… Read More

PROMESA para Idiotas

  Yesterday we published PROMESA for Dummies. It taught all the basics of the PROMESA bill passed b y the U.S. Congress, along with its infamous Financial Control Board. Within one day, PROMESA for Dummies went viral –… Read More