Cuba y Puerto Rico…from Isidro Infante

  With 7 Grammy Awards and 47 Grammy nominations, Isidro Infante is an established international artist. His music catalogue includes over 2,500 arrangements and he has worked with Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Dizzy Gillespie, Hector Lavoe, Gloria Estefan,… Read More

Puerto Rico and Cuba…an alliance in the making?

  On June 20, 2016, Cuba demanded that the US end its 118-year colonial regime in Puerto Rico. It was made by Humberto Rivero, the Cuban Ambassador to the UN. Rivero declared that Puerto Rico is headed for… Read More

Cuba calls for an end to the colonial status of Puerto Rico

  The Republic of Cuba has officially called upon the US to end its 118-year colonial regime in Puerto Rico. The demand was delivered by Humberto Rivero, Cuba’s  ambassador to the United Nations…and was reported immediately throughout the… Read More

Puerto Rico versus Cuba: the many lessons of “Popi”

  In 1969, Rita Moreno and Alan Arkin starred in a movie named Popi. Popi was a strange title. A building superintendent in El Barrio has two kids who always call him “papi.” But the writers, director, producer,… Read More

The Power of Three Words: The Miami New Times Quietly Insults Every Puerto Rican

  When Cubans arrived in major numbers to Miami, especially in the early 60s, the Old Guard did not welcome them with open arms. Cubans encountered a great deal of racism, redlining, and rejection.  Luckily the US federal… Read More