Senator Marco Rubio exposed by Juan Bobo: “He is being paid to ruin Puerto Rico”

  Juan Bobo has discovered that Sen. Marco Rubio is a complete fraud, and should be in jail. In a packed and heated press conference, Bobo announced that “Rubio is being paid by several hedge funds and Miami… Read More

Hillary Clinton: taking Boricuas for suckers in Florida

I do not support Donald Trump. But this not alter the fact that Hillary Clinton – and the entire Democratic Party – are taking Puerto Ricans for suckers in the 2016 election. Clinton took massive campaign contributions from… Read More

Puerto Rico will have a gas pipeline “from Florida to San Juan”

    Ricky Rosello, the PNP candidate for governor of Puerto Rico, has a solution for the island’s energy needs. He wants to build an undersea gas pipeline from Florida to San Juan. This pipeline would be 1,200… Read More

Puerto Ricans and LGBT were NOT protected from the Orlando Shooter

  The Orlando shooter was a club regular. For three years, he “drank heavily” at the Pulse nightclub and danced with the other men, before murdering them on June 11. Most of the victims in the Orlando mass… Read More

WAR goes to Orlando, Florida

  Over 700,000 Puerto Ricans live in Orlando, Florida. Many of them arrived over the last ten years, during the implosion of the island’s economy. The 700,000 Puerto Ricans in Orlando, and the 1,000,000 Puerto Ricans in the… Read More